1. I've been thinking of applying for citizenship to Barbados so I could have a 2nd passport and then retire there. It's a very beautiful island. This is just another great reason to do it…….

  2. Someday I'm sure a doctor high on weed will cut you open under the influence of the drug and leave some kind of instrument in you and stitch you back up and send you home cuz he was under the influence of a medically legal drug. I don't know about you but I don't want anyone operating on me on any kind of influence drug legal or not but I can assure you it will happen.

  3. Omg lived on Barbados in the late 60's for only 28 months, such a beauty full place, now however they have been crapping it up, w/ fast foods etc et al, not the beauty it used to be, and now this … Aah okay, not my call for sure … 🙁 thanks …

  4. Mary,
    I am a family practice doctor and I am 100% against marijuana under any circumstances. The main active ingredient, THC, shuts 1/3 of your brain down. There is not one medical use that cannot be addressed by another natural substance. Marijuana has ten times the amount of tar than an equal amount of tobacco. The whole marijuana issue is just another sign of the end times.

  5. Medical marijuana does have value, but just like everything it has problems. Likely better than alcohol but still can be problematic. Cancer no, COPD yes likely worse than tobacco. Other problems include it can reduce your drive to learn and advance your life. It does work well for epilepsy. It does work well for pain. It even works well for anxiety. It would be best not to drive or use dangerous equipment while under the influence. I would not like my surgeon to be high while he is cutting? What is your opinion?

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  7. So that sounds like they just want to make every penny they can off of either this sick or dying or the drug addict. It just sounds wrong. I have nothing against cannabis cannabis oil's and all the positive healing properties but this lady sounds like she wants to make money off of sick people. Wonder what will happen to the people were stuck on the island and their money runs out.

  8. Cannabis has it's place, but I think it may be out of control. Sad, as my mother was healed from grade 4 metastisized cancer using cannabis deep dark rich oils back in 1991 in Tiajuana, MX. It is an herb God put on the earth not to be exploited. Thank you Mary!

  9. now folks we can't legalize a naturally growing plant for the fact big pharmaceutical groups might go broke heaven forbid the rich not get richer! I haven't smoked in a few years but why do we let political parasites that only their best financial interests in mind tell us what we can and cannot do? To hell with them do what you want cuz lobbying should be an act of treason and bribery. these false power hungry jerks are trying to make kratom illegal now because it's much safer and cuts big pharmaceutical groups profits off the poisons they force us to consume. so why are these assholes forbidding these plants? THEIR GREED AND US LETTING THEM! SO LET'S STOP THEM NOT THEM STOP US!

  10. Mary I can't believe you think that there is any better place in the world, to grow Marijuana than Canada. With 18 hour summer days, and perfect twelve hour days

  11. Never a smoker but given the choice of cigarettes, weed, or the radon equivalent which we aren't much told about in the US- I think I'd choose weed first, tobacco second, and this radioactive gas a distant third.
    It's perfectly legal to sell a house that has extremely lethal levels of radon and having a thriving tobacco garden, but oh my gov don't get caught with the mj.

  12. There are special grow ops in Colorado that produce cannabis strains that have a high concentration of CBD that is very healing and doesn't make you high.
    Especially good for seizures and inflammation, so many medicinal benefits…

  13. good lord, why does everyone still treat cannabis like it's some dangerous material? jesus.. i wish politicians would get high and STFU… or just go away and leave us humans alone. It's not a drug. It's a plant. Drugs are shit made up in a lab… like meth, or Oxycoton

  14. Thank you, Mary. I love all your videos… You recommended a good book to read in several of your previous videos but I can't remember the name of it. I believe it was a story about preparedness in a SHTF scenario. Could you tell me the name of it? I'm going to put it on my Christmas Wish List. 😊 Thanks a bunch. ♥️

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