How hard was quitting crystal methamphetamine for me? 7 years sober from this dangerous substance

In this video, an addict with 7 years of sobriety shares how hard it was to quit crystal methamphetamine. Help Support This Channel: New …



  1. Cg kid look up Miranda combs on wkyt on Facebook. She did a segment on a "new meth" so pure it broke the laboratory machines. Taking over my state. Take care my friend. Xo

  2. #salute you are brilliant, raw, & a true inspiration!! <3<3 knowing it is an everyday battle staying away from it shows how much of a battle you'll be in while actually using it & the cons certainly outweigh the pros. Your self control is amazing & you are making a difference in so many lives. After coming across one of your videos I've literally watched them all back to back to back & I know others who need to hear your stories & your guest who have also shown massive vulnerability are doing the same!!

  3. Damn I will definitely never ever try meth. I've messed around with adderall and I thought that meth can't be that much worse but damn, this sounds too good for the human brain.

  4. Thanks for doing this .. your pain
    palpable. I've messed with the stuff to enhance the sexual
    experience because it does so greatly. Please no more .. I sense
    what is ahead .. 3 or 4 days to recover and get my shit together again until next time. I will not do it
    again. So scared for my friend.

  5. I tried meth thinking it was coke and can’t stop thinking about it I never have thought about the drugs I’ve done other than “a blunt sounds good right about now” ya know but I haven’t touched the shit since

  6. Man all I can say is thank you for what you’re doing, not a lot of recovered addicts would be as open and willing to talk about their experience and recovery process and so thanks for being brave and helping countless people. You da man

  7. Well done bro! People are so quick to say "shouldn't have done it in first place" that's easy… the reality is that people are every day & you are amongst the few that are strong enough to do it and stop… You are strong bro! All the best from New Zealand 🇳🇿🤘

  8. Damn. Being a human can be so f’ing hard. It can be such a struggle to live life on life’s terms. Some days the only thing that makes it bearable is knowing that we all struggle to do it and that I am not alone. I am strengthened by every person on this earth. Every single one of you are my hero.

    Godspeed to you. 💪🏽

  9. Thank you for posting this video. Ive been sober of meth 4 months now. I also decided after the 2nd month i had to eliminate any one who uses in order to stay clean. Watching this video was helpful to me.

  10. Im not a religious person, or even very sympathetic to religious imagery and conservative symbolism of chastity-Im a bit more partial to death metal- but shit like Meth is literally the Devil himself. The idea of a substance that floods you with euphoria and then leaves you a zombie is rather scary.

  11. Was a poly addict myself, crack, buttons and coke, Im12 years clean from meth and all the other crap, still think about meth and find myself fantasizing about chasing the Dragon now and then, it's a continuous battle. Definitely agree with your analysis on why it's so addictive and am rooting for you on staying clean.

  12. Thankyou for sharing good to know I'm not alone in the aftermath I'm two years clean but it's true what you say Thankyou for opening up I can see it's not easy👍🏼

  13. I'm glad I never had that experience, so I don't miss it. Today I went for a walk and just watched raindrops landing on a puddle, sending out waves in expanding circular ripples. It was the most peaceful and relaxing feeling, and I was completely sober.

  14. Thanks so much for making this I know it must've been hard! It helps me understand my bestfriend a little more. She's just quit meth a couple days ago and I know she's struggling and I'm doing everything I can to be here and love her unconditionally through it, do you have any advice to help me help her more? I want to know if there's anything I can do for her to make things even just a little bit easier. I love this girl with all my heart❤️

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