If You’re Having Trouble Quitting Smoking Weed, Watch This

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  1. It feels so great and motivating to have a clear, witty mind after years of MJ abuse. And not being afraid to relapse just adds to the good times. Tackling weed addiction can be tricky because it can take weeks to finally detox, but if you're giving your body what it needs, the cravings just disappear. Maybe try something like Nemery Thentel's website for a program that may make sense to you too.

  2. Hey what’s up buddy I’m interested in the book if it’s still available thanks a lot the video is very motivational and educational I’ve stop smoking on plenty of occasions but this last time it seems to be the easiest I guess because of all the times that I failed in the past I now understand the withdrawals so thanks again hope to get your book. My email is eliotn@icloud.com

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