1. Oh..Tiko traders is outstanding..wish I had followed Peter/Tiko traders and not held overnight…could have saved myself $15,000 or more…ouch…great videos..everyone should join whether trader or long term investor..Troytex in Texas dec 5 2018

  2. Do cse and OTC  listed stocks allow for stop loss or stop limit orders? I was told by my brokerage that CSE nor OTC listed  stocks do not allow for stop limit or stop loss orders. 

    I have not been able to place any stop Loss or stop limit orders ony OTC nor CSE listed stocks in my brokerage account. Is this normal??

  3. Nice to see your discipline. I had a put option position on APHA but closed it mid last week to take my profits anticipating a potential bounce.. but here we are… it reached my target zone of high 5's quicker than anticipated lol… though i kept my SPY puts and finally closed it today….will sit back and watch as well.. given this damaging news this corrective move is getting extended. There will be more blood still.. WEED/ACB will crack that key support once SPY takes another larger leg down if not earlier.. remain on your toes bro and stay patient! Note that the more times it tests a support or resistance, the weaker it gets.

  4. I have a position with ACB unfortunately I messed up and forgot to put in a stop lose and it dropped I bought in at $8.27 and held thinking it would pull, I'm a amateur as you can tell.

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