1. Calling weed a drug is like calling broccoli dangerous. The #1 crop for 10,000 years banned by some old racists less than 100 years ago and we’re supposed to buy the lie? Try again GOP.

  2. leagleized pot taxed will solve the national debt within 10 years . federal tax and state taxes are huge if done Nationwide way way huge. less crime to boot as well.

  3. Becaus we know everything they tell us about weed is a lie and it isn't this evil gateway addictive drug. I'm 18 and I smoke weed every day multiple times a day.

  4. you anti weed people have obviously watched "Reefer Madness" one too many times, Cannabis is actually more safe than most over the counter drugs, take too much tylenol your liver could fail, take too much asprin and your stomach might bleed out. I am not saying I am all for kids using Cannabis…thats why parents need to lock up their Cannabis products just like parents should lock up their alcohol, pills and guns. Its called being responsible.

  5. Marijuana more popular than cigarettes among teens . Because it's much easier to get . And they have been told that Cigarettes cause everything except pregnancy . All the while being told that Weed is Medicine . Which one would you prefer under those circumstances ?

  6. My job requires you to be drug free, so I stopped smoking weed a decade ago. Many parents are more lax to hearing about, or catching their child drinking alcohol, over marijuana. Looking back it was alcohol was the driving force, to help me find trouble. The only trouble I found with marijuana, was possession. I never smoked a joint and ended up in a fist fight because of marijuana. I never went out with my friends, smoked to much weed that caused me to black out and not remember my night. etc……. The list goes on, I’m not trying to push marijuana I just think we might have things backwards between alcohol and marijuana. God Bless America!!!

  7. Kinda a good thing! Marijuana smoke is far less harmful than cigarettes. Its still not good though. Cigarettes will get em hooked and then they'll be smoking at 70 and die. At least marijuana is physically non addictive, although anything can be mentally addictive. Loads of the worlds most clever people smoke MJ. Always better to get high than get drunk or tar up your lungs.

  8. You are trying to enlighten people from the Vietnam Era about weed you God dammed fucking retards? Whether its a cigarette or a joint smoke is carbon and carbon is the carcinogen. Furthermore, you don't get the same buz from eating weed or vaping as you do from smoking it. The intoxication you get from eating weed is the most unpleasant, discombobulated, sleepy shit turd feeling in the world. I quit smoking weed when I was 24 because it was so fucking lame. Everybody my age that was a drunk/ cokehead is dead and everyone that kept smoking weed looks like God damn homeless person. CUT THE SHIT ASSHOLE AND GET A LIFE!!! You people from the cannabis lobby are coming off like a bunch of fools. Go out and do something with your life that's how you get "high". P.S. I don't drink booze either.

  9. legalize weed and pull the rug out from under the DEMs by bringing all the middle of the road voters on board for the 2018-2020 elections.

    you are going to have to do something to bring them over to trump a 2nd time in 2018-2020 elections, this is probably the only way. so either legalize weed or the DEMs will use it to win and the #%$#@*&^ trannys will take over. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN!

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