360Edge – Bill Hearing 2018 – Supports Removing Commonwealth Restrictions on Cannabis

The Criminal Code and Other Legislation Amendment (Removing Commonwealth Restrictions on Cannabis) Bill 2018 PUBLIC HEARING Friday 17 August …



  1. Its frustrating listening to those who cannot understand what she is saying. Its like they pretend they care about other australians being harmed but cannot listen to an expert on the subject and keep asking the same question resulting in the same answer. I get that they are trying but its just strange to me that they seemed incapable of understanding that use does not increase and those using can seek help more freely. As well as reducing all the problems mental and societal from the justice system for using a very harmless drug, compared to what we have already available. There is simply no negatives only positives, I think coming to grip with that fact is what is so hard for them, admitting what we think is wrong is a hard thing for people to do.

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