1. Hi Mark; Thanks for the good suggestion. Bigger & healthier sounds good. Will be taking a couple more tops soon, may try them as clones, best I have. I only have the one well fitting tray base (tight), but have many regular base trays and have at least one more tall sprout dome. The well fitting base tray is made by the company that makes the extra tall vented domes. I may order another ($15). This cloning thing is new to me and rather fun if it works or not ๐Ÿ™‚

    I only have one seeding heat pad. Maybe able to borrow one till I can order another. The Blue widow top should come off soon. I should have tried to clone the Electric Diesel, that was a very nice top recently taken and just gone to waste.

    This cloning thing is rather interesting cause if any of the clones take, then I have a source of plants' which I can give to friends or grow.

    My Aloe Vera plant is sending out shots , which is a first and I maybe able to dig up and replant. That is cool since I am using Aloe Vera for my clone gel base. I also have friends and family that may not like marijuana but would like a Aloe Vera plant! This is all lots of fun!

    Topping Electric Diesel
    January 5, 2019

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