How Do I Quit Smoking Nicotine? | Recovery 2.0 Protocol

How do I quit smoking? How do I stop vaping? Tommy Rosen – founder of recovery 2.0 talks about the insidious nicotine addiction. Discussing conscious and …



  1. Wow, you really nailed the true root causes! Time, impatience, boredom, grounding… I truly do want to breath and be productive with my time and my life. Thank you🙏

  2. This is an easy one… One word…. VAPE lmao and to anyone that thinks vaping isn't safer or better I can 100% promise you it changed my life. If you aren't a smoker then don't vape obviously but for someone trying to quit smoking just vape and every couple months lower the nicotine level until you get to 0 then just quit.

  3. I just found your channel, and I Subscribed.♥️ I have been clean far 1 year and six months. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. Now, I am facing my cigarette addiction. I Greatly Appreciate Your Videos!!!😊♥️ Thank You SO MUCH!!!♥️

  4. Thank you so much for not spitting the same crap everyone else does. Thank you for explaining to me the reasons I didnt even KNOW I smoked for. I really do smoke to pass time, to feel grounded. With such bad anxiety,it's hard. What I find the hardest is that I buy my nicotine from work. I go to work every single day. ITS SO EASY TO GET. it's so easily accessible, nobody is telling me no. Everytime I try to quit, i always ask myself "why do I need to quit? I can afford it, my lungs dont hurt. So why quit?" I'm not even addicted to cigarettes. I'm addicted, severely addicted, to single use electronic cigarettes. Not even a mod, no tank, no proper vaping equipment. $7 e cigarettes is what I crave. I hate cigarettes in fact, they're disgusting. I get such a longer high and deeper hit from this rather than a cigarette. I've actually thought about switching to cigarettes to make me stop. insIt's insane. It's so hard to stop when it's so easy for me to get it. How can I say no when it's right there?

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