How to Get the Motivation to Quit Smoking and Stay Quit

If you can’t seem to get motivated to quit smoking, or you’re struggling to keep the motivation you need to stay stopped, the following tips, tools and techniques …



  1. Hello Chris, I am really trying to quit smoking for a long time. I referred to many helpful contents such as "Allen Carr" videos and audiobooks. I listened to them many many times. But after some time I get back into relapse. How before giving up entirely I decided to watch this video. It was really amazing. I finally decided to quit today. Let's see how it goes.

  2. You're such a cool dude and inspiration. I really appreciate your videos. I haven't quit yet but I've been trying … and trying … and trying. Ive tried vaping, I've read (and loved) Allen carr., I've tried the patch. I've been smoking for about 10 years. About a pack and a half a day. I'm in a similar situation you were in where I can smoke all day every day. At home, at work, everywhere. All of my family smokes. All of my friends smoke. I hate it though. And I hate that I cant seem to put it down and walk away. I've been experimenting with going as long as I can lately. I do fine but after a few hours that internal voice kicks in. All of the sudden I'm gravitating towards another cigarette. To make it worse, my girlfriend quit too (which is great) but she's the type who just put it down and walked away. It was no big deal for her. I feel like I've completed a puzzle except for one piece. I feel like I'm so close. I just want to be done with this nightmare.

  3. Thank you for creating this content and putting it on YouTube I watched your videos a lot and they helped me to quit smoking and stay strong it's been about 4 months sense my quit day and I don't even think about cigerettes any more thanks again bro

  4. Well, I have made three weeks without spoking. I'm on three tranquilizers for the tension, stress, anxiety and the panic attacks, I've also gone on antidepressants and sleeping pills, I've bee clenching my teeth, my muscles and joints have been too tight an painful. I am alone. ALL ALONE AND HAVE NO ONE THAT LOVES OR CARES ABOUT ME…DEPRESSED.
    I NEED A HUG!!! I have no human contact. I need a hub.

  5. Good video. 4 months smoke free. We all know cigarettes smell and taste terrible. I've found an interesting motivation from the neighborhood. My complex is on the edge of a big corporate campus. It can be freezing with rain and smokers are standing in the rain smoking. Texas gets really hot in the summer too. I'll see people on the curb smoking when it's 110 degrees F. The longer I go without the more I wonder what these people are thinking. Mostly they're standing alone not talking with anyone. It seems so lonely. I really feel a lot more outgoing than before. I guess it's all in your head. Keep up the good work.

  6. Haha! My phone's lock screen is a photo of one of the pages of Alan Carr's book, reminding me of what smokers are deprived of 😀
    By the way Chris, I have today come across a YouTube channel; Miami Hypnosis Center, and the hypnotherapist Todd Goodwin is providing some really good information. The things he says are very similar to what Alan Carr wrote in his book, which is not surprising, as Alan himself quit after a revelation he experienced following hypnotherapy. I have not watched all the videos, but thought you might want to check it out. Thank you for this video, I have been doing some hard thinking, taking notes and had written that I should envision myself and my day as a non-smoker. Your video confirmed my thoughts, I will definitely be trying it 😊

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