Largest Outdoor Cannabis Farm in World (Canna Cribs Episode 4: Los Sueños Farms)

Episode 4 of Canna Cribs Season 1 features Los Sueños Farms in Pueblo, Colorado. Currently, the largest outdoor farm in the world, at 36 acres. Table of …



  1. Fuck cloning man, seeds rule and good seeds stand more. I consider cloning as not BIO.. and mass production is a ever no good. So like with beer, there s real beer (like Belgian abbey) and there is pisswater

  2. Hey, I like the vids, I'm watching on some nice studio speakers and the sound is good. you mic'd everyone very well. no shitty young of the restless amature shit here. plz keep transition audio within the peaks of your speach audio. Its cool to go above a bit but if you want that jazzy bass, but run a compressor over the audio, so it is loud for the level ppl are viewing it.

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