Outdoor Marijuana Water & Feeding Secrets (Candyland Pt 3)

When it comes to outdoor marijuana growing, your watering & feeding schedule is critically important. BigMike and the guys from Ken Estes’ Grand Daddy Farms …



  1. Why don't you trim the bottom of your plants half way up like most people do? I did half of my plants like you do and half like the vidioes do? I'm just trying too do the right thing

  2. How much water are you giving when you water everyday like that?….I’ve been watering similar to you guys but I think I might be getting root rot. The middle of the plant(main tops) looked like root rot(stunted growth) but the outer tops and side branches are nice and green(healthy)….anybody experience something like this?….how do I get these girls back up and growing?

  3. Nice Outdoor Garden And Information Ganja Storm Troopers. Keep up the Great Amazing Work My Friends Growers Love 1love Cheers. From Los Angeles California City of Angels!👏🎍😎🎍👏

  4. I enjoy the big guy in this video, you can tell he likes what he's doing because of the enthusiasm. Love watching videos like these and I'm happy people have taken the time to make them.

  5. perfection. thanks for the video. after searching for good info and going through tons of horse shit on youtube, i finally found intelligent and useful explanation for feeding.

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