1. The bear spray is because for whatever reason pepper spray is illegal in canada but bear spray isn’t so for self-defense and robbery purposes it’s used instead (also it’s usually stronger)

  2. Please respect Native territory Stephen – this was Mohawk land and not Canada. Probably also shouldn't make fun of an attempted robbery regardless of the method. As someone who's been to this particular store on multiple occasions I will finish by saying that the store and the employees are all awesome and I am happy that they are alright.

  3. They used bear spray because, unlike the wild west states, we DON'T have guns absolutely everywhere. We also have a LOT less gun deaths, but I'm sure that's just a coincidence….

  4. Well, that's the difference between US and Canada. Even in a showdown with robbers, the worst thing that happened was that a bong was smashed and we get a major laugh out of it. Meanwhile in US, kids go to school to study and get shot. When the police respond to a report, they shoot unarmed kids to death. Families are destroyed. People shoot others in robberies every single day and US's answer to all of this – more people should have guns.

  5. Some insight from the Great White North. I'm not so sure any involved in the clip are Canadian by berth. As any true born Canadian in that situation would instinctively yell at the would be thieves, "Take off, eh!?" And the three aggressors would all leave peacefully saying "Sorry".
    If things had gotten really physical somebody would have been jerseyed.

  6. Buddy's clearly well-trained in lacrosse: lacrosse stance; handles bong – both one-handed and two-handed – like a lacrosse stick.
    And he's from Tyendinaga, so probably has played with folks from the Iroquois National team. Folks in New York should have a good memory of Haudenosaunee stick-handling skills.

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  8. This was actually in my area I live in Belleville Ontario which is like 15 minutes from the reservation !!! I can't believe Stephen Colbert is reporting on it that is epic

  9. "Increasing numbers of old people are using marijuana."
    You do realise that everyone turning 65 in 2018 was born in 1953, right?
    They were 16yo during the Summer of Love (1969)!?
    I'm surprised that More of them aren't Potheads chillin' to Hippie music!
    Sings: 'All the leaves are brown – and the sky is grey…'

  10. Actually it's being scientifically proven that the effects of marijuana and THC can reverse Alzheimers and improve your quality and longevity of life not to mention creating jobs and giving Americans a reason to feel proud of their country "!? Something we have felt in "! Fuck I can't ever remember being proud of my country now that I think about it !!!,,,, Lol go fuck yourself Steven you little bitch !!!,,,,,😎👑👽💀

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