Weed-killing chemical found in some children’s breakfast foods

A new report found a weed-killing chemical linked to cancer in a number of popular breakfast foods and cereals marketed to children. The study by the …



  1. This is the first broadcast by CBS that I remember viewing in YEARS. I've followed Zen Honeycutt and Moms Across America for quite some time, however, and it is an e-mail from her that direct me here. Zen Honeycutt's book "Unstoppable" is a great story of how she healed her children allergies and autism symptoms by avoiding the toxic food we're now consuming. Moms Across America has a web site where you can access petitions to have glyphosate BANNED in all 50 states! I am state sponsor for Missouri.

  2. When are they going to test soybeans for Paraquat (Agent Orange) that is used to defoliate soybeans before harvest? It is also used to pre-ripen sugarcane prior to harvest. Agent Orange is a known cancer agent

  3. MONSANTO "40 years of safe use" ME: "More like 40 years of lies. "

    A company confident that their products do no harm, do not lie, bribe, manipulate data and try to discredit critics to cover their tracks. Independent researcher (who make no money off whether glyphosate harms us or not) have shown some rather alarming conclusions – some just by analyzing existing independent studies.

    Remember the Seralini Study, showing rats with tumors from 6mos of eating RoundUp – that got retracted? Funny thing about that retraction: Usually retractions happen when there's fraud or error. It met neither of those standards.

    It was retracted because it was 'inconclusive' – a ridiculous standard that no other study had to meet. (Same kind of rats, Approx. the same number of rats)
    So this retraction was highly unusual. Fun Fact: Right after that, the publisher added a new position to their editorial board, in charge of clearing such studies before they got published. Guess what company they had a long and very friendly history with? Monsanto…..



  4. What can we eat that's safe????? This is ridiculous. They are spraying and doing this knowing that the chemicals are seeping in the wheat. Theres got to be change and accountability!!!!! WIC offers these cereals to children in record numbers. Free food ….for a price…..your life !!!! Just sick

  5. And you people just found that out? Why do I get this notion that this government, and its agencies, wait until the roof collapses before making a single, solitary move? This poison has been in granaries since that "secret chemical" was first marketed. No one is supposed to know about, til after the fact, long after. But let me guess. This one is going to be a long shot, but it can't be Roundup, right? You all know it is. And thanks, FDA, for letting us know after thirty odd years. Thanks a lot. Clowns.

  6. As I eat my bowl of Honey nut Cheerios , nope no glyphosates here , but every other chemical in the world . F it , I guess weLL just stop eating then . Lettuce it is

  7. That was a ubsurd statement that she didn't hear honey nut cheerios or frosted flakes wouldn't that be common sense if the original cheerios had it then in turn so would the honey nut? Way to start off the conversation ❣

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