🗣💨FA'Q Monday #6 – Does Vaping cause Dry Skin and Acne?

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  1. Evening Mark,

    I gave a coworker one of my starter kits in my collection to help get him off the cigs. I donated the ijust3 kit to save his health. He uses it when he’s in the car and grocery shopping. He loves it so far but the only compliant is that the tank leaks when he drives to work from home. I deduced it down to the change in elevation since he lives in the Ortega highway in SoCal. Do you know of a leak proof pod mod or sub ohm tank that won’t leak due to elevation changes ?

    Thank you so much sir

    Ps love the SEGMENT

  2. I recently bought the Gear RTA cuz I heard the flavor is amazing but I have since put 2 different coils in it and I am getting zero flavor at all…and it’s not the wicking, I fluffed the cotton very well and not getting dry hits either, please HELP!!

  3. Well I will start off by saying that all these trolls that give you shit wish they could have a banging ass wife as you do. Keep up the awesome "segment" if nothing else it is funny as hell

  4. Mark, you are a sick bastard!! I love it, and love this segment. Angela thanks for bringing beauty to the segment. Question, Mark thanks to you my ADV is Ripe Vapes VCT. I noticed you were vaping the VCT RESERVE in one of your videos. What’s the difference? It’s a lot more pricier. Great job guy.

  5. Angela, a way to murder Mark and is hard for cops to figure out, find another person who wants someone murdered, swap murders with that person. You kill their mark and they kill yours.

  6. As a married couple that both vape and are parents what are your thoughts on the truth commercials using muppets to say vaping is a gateway to cigarettes? P.s. sideboob and the herp!!!!!

  7. SHANE HARVEY, 1st things 1st congrats to you and your wife for quitting smoking. Welcome to the vaping community. Trust me it come be very overwhelming at times because there is so many different styles of vaping but that’s what makes it so awesome. There is a device, tank, RDA, RTA, and a flavor for everyone. I know people have different tastes in juice but I really think you should try these few juices I’m about to recommend to you. They are great companies with a high quality juice and I really how you can get them I’m the UK. 1st Jam Monster. Raspberry jam monster is great so is the strawberry, but my new favorite is PB& Jam it’s grape jam and peanut butter super good. If you like grape theirs is really good strong grape flavor but not ridiculously overwhelming. They also have a mixed berry, apple and a blackberry. Now the flavor profile will say the flavor over buttered toast but don’t be scared it’s not what you think trust me. The 2nd juice you have to try is from a company called PROHIBITION. Their new flavor that just came out is called WHITE LIGHTNING it’s a watermelon lemonade and it’s great. Don’t be afraid to try lots of different juices ask around people in the vaping community are always happy to help each other. Plus make sure you watch the live show especially on Thursday night called The Vape Team, and on Sunday called Not Another Vape Show here on Mark’s channel. Just look them up on YouTube. St Vapes, Heavy Metal Vapes also have kickass shows. Good luck with your new juices 👊🏼

  8. ERYTROXYLON my good friend has had a few different problems since he started vaping. Breakouts, and stomach issues mainly. He switched to max VG. Now that he doesn’t use any PG in his juices all the problems he had totally stopped after about 7 to 10 days. Maybe you can give that a try and see if it helps for you.

  9. LMAO! Omg look at the strip down the center of Marks chest. 🤣🤣😂😂😂 that waxing that Side Boob gave him was absolutely awesome. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard. Great job you guys.

  10. Dude Mark it’s not the Sideboob channel it’s VAPNFAGAN’s channel with that said it’s your fault that you didn’t do your homework and get a news story not Sideboobs fault. Lol

  11. Pg absorbes water thats why they put in lotion so they can suspend moisture for u to use. Anyway its the pg i use a 92/8 vg to pg and i still get hella dehydrated

  12. Hi Guys, ❤️ loveing your Segment. It cheers me up on Mondays … 😃 Q > Do you get many Fake / Copy E juices in the U.S. ? …… Thank You 😊 Simon From York England 🇬🇧💨💋

  13. Hi guys I've been smoking and vaping off and on for few years me and the mrs. We're looking for something that pumps out flavor not ready to build I was thinking about smoant naboo 225w for her and me just buying a sense screen tank do you think their best for pumping out flavor and if so smoant is there a different replacement coils to fit in there that tastes better or there good plzz help and where you buy your batteries

  14. In regard to vaping and breakouts. You need to hydrate. Aside from a natural reaction to the ingredients some skin types can produce breakouts from vaping. If you don't properly hydrate your skin can dry. Your bodies reactions dehydration is to produce more oils to protect your skin. Depending on your pores, larger pores will release more oils, creating oily skin. Smaller pores not so much and will produce dry areas. Drink plenty of water and a regiment of a large glass of water before bed with half or whole lemon squeezed into it will help detox your skin as well. Additionally using a toner and or astringent occasionally will/can help too.

  15. Mark, the reason why you don't have fat on your d*ck is because you workout on that muscle too much! Doing that burns fat, so your d*ck is now lean and mean! 😉 I don't know what Angela has been doing, but she keeps looking better and better each week! Last thing, I want to thank The Vape Team because I was one of the winners of the Dual Topside and am enjoying it! Oh, Mark! I'm not from some hot, sandy area, or from Albania or Pakistan. I'm right here in Pennsylvania! LOL. Enjoying watching both of you in your SEGMENT each week.

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