A day in the life of a heroin addict

Jason Amaral is a 30-year-old addict living in the Boston area who is determined to get clean. Jason allowed CBS News cameras to follow him as he tries to get …



  1. I dated a cocaine addict and lasted for a year. I couldnt take the outburts and arguments anymore. I tried to help him but I couldnt do it. Im sure hes still on it. His parents just turned the other cheek. At least try to help him. He offered it to me but I was told by my mom that we didnt do that stuff. She always made sure we knew that those things were a waste of time.

  2. I am Addicted to Heroin like 5 Years now…i dont know how to stop it…i want,but i am just afraid from pain after i stop use it…i am like few Days heroin but just nose,no nedels no smoking…and then few Days of bupreborphine…and round and round like that 5 years…i am sick of it i want to stop but i am 2 afraid of pain from withdrowl

  3. I have a neighbor who is clean living but he died in Cancer…I have one neighbor also who are not using drugs…not smoking nor drinking and go to the GYM almost everyday and at the age of 24 he died by MOTORCYCLE accident…and I have one friend who is a DRUG USER and drinker but he still alive until now at the of 54….That is LIFE….

  4. I went to the dark side already I first started popping norcos then popping percocets and now I tried snortiing H on the weekend part of me wants to stop but its hard

  5. I'm drug addict and i do not think drugs every day. im not on drugs every day. 2-3 weeks i'm completely sober, then next 2-3 weeks only thing in my mind is i want to get high on something, doesnt matter what it is. may be bipolar disorder, but doctor told me that ''you can't know yourself that you have bipolar disorder, only others can'' and after that i havent bothered to go to bother anyone about it. i hate bothering people.

  6. Both my parents both struggled with drug use. Heroine was the main drug of choice. Luckily my mother knew to give me up for adoption and I've gone on to live a healthy and blessed life. I've heard so much from so many about their journey with drug use. Like many who weren't educated on such a topic, I found it easy to judge and to tell them "Just say no". Well, as a professional who works with those who struggle my views have certainly changed. We shouldn't blame or judge. People who struggle with using drugs or alcohol just don't wake up and say "Hey, I think I'll take a chance on losing everything today." Just like we treat those suffering from other conditions like cancer or diabetes we should care for those who struggle with drug and alcohol use. And for those who think marijuana is safe and just stick to that and you'll have no worries. WRONG…..this drug can be laced with things that are dangerous. There is a lot of help out there so please if you know someone who struggles with drug or alcohol usage, don't shun them. Be there for them. Of course the decision is ultimately theirs to make. All we can do is be there for them. I'm no angel. I've tried marijuana and also turned my back on a dear friend who suffered from alcohol dependency. I'm not proud of it.

  7. I’ve done oxycodone a few times I don’t get what the big deal it really wasn’t that great or addictive but it was certainly very relaxing but I don’t get why people want to be high all day at work or school it just makes no sense to me

  8. The one million addicts who want drugs are the overworked Mexicans and Latinos who need Crystal Meth to work longer hours for "The Man", i.e. CVS and Caremark, which is being sued right now in a class action lawsuit. The rest of the addicts are the blacks and whites.

  9. I don't look down upon drug or alcohol use, I understand it. Where society and government take a Hardline stance against it, they fail to see the fallacy in their belief. It's no coincidence that drug and alcohol use is so prevalent among the poor, but it's not money alone that corresponds with substance use; it's instability in general. Along every strata of society, poor to rich, the one common denominator is instability. Either emotional, financial, societal, or a combination. If the u.s. was really serious about combating drug use, it would treat the root cause instead of fanning the flames.

  10. Stop the Drug Prohibition and people will suffer less severely …. And prisons would be open for TRUE Criminals ….( Murderers and Pedophiles) In Europe almost 60% of Inmates are Drugs-Related. This is madness. Make it legal and divert the drugs from Criminal Gang Members to Doctors and Drug Stores. So people can affort the drug and know the purity . Price and Purity stays the same so people dont overdose….and it would drop the cost of the drug so the addict can afford it just like Aspirin. No hustle and drug related crimes anymore …. Legalize Drugs …it is Constitutional …. The Prohibition was TAX Related and UNCONSTITUTIONAL… Hence UNAMERICAN!!! Greatings from Germany!

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