Adrenal Fatigue Updates & the Cortisol Awakening Response- Dr. Carrie Jones

Dr. Carrie Jones came back on the show for part 2 to, revisit Adrenal Fatigue and discuss ways to modify lifestyle in the quest to balance hormones. ➢Save $50 …



  1. Loved this interview!!! Seems that no one really talks about overproduction of cortisol in the morning though . I wake up with a lot of anxiety as soon as I become relatively conscious. I can not drink any caffeine as I am highly sensitive . What are some things I can do about this ? For the most part I sleep pretty well for about 7 hours a night . My anxiety is the worst upon waking . Any tips from anyone would be appreciated!

  2. I’m very interested in this issue but being a night shift worker for over 20 years I’m all over the place with my sleep, does it mean I’m a lost cause till I’m able to live a regular dayshift life? I’m sure my rhythms are a hot mess, my body is so confused. 🙁

  3. I'm a nurse practitioner and I test my patients for fasting insulin. I also see the reverse T3 going up if insulin is above 6 or 10 on blood work. I have tested blood leptin levels but in my patient population, it does not seem to correlate. The patients that are able to correct their insulin resistance are the ones that come back with optimal ratios of T3free/Rt3.

  4. Mike and dr Carrie Ask any hunter or homesteaders what happens when they kill an animal and it isn't a clean kill, so the animal is stressed right before. They will tell you that the hormones are so bad that the meat can taste bad. The hormones from a pig are close enough to effect us medicinally in drugs like natural thyroid meds. So why wouldn't eating meat full of stress hormones and high omega6 ratios directly effect us similarly? We are only nourished and healthy by eating well nourished, healthy food.

  5. If I combo caffeine with cortisone (when I have to take it) I notice the caffeine enhances the cortisol effects; allows me to take less cortisone…

  6. For me, it took doctors 4 years to diagnose me with a gallstone the size of the end of my pinky finger. Not because they couldn't find it, but because they didn't care to even check or order a simple ultrasound. I'm scheduled for surgery on the Dec 27. But for 4 years now, I have been experiencing anxiety around 5:00 in the morning almost every day. I'm not thinking doom and gloom thoughts. But I am under too much stress about finances, my health, my wife's and stepson's green card processes, and building a rideshare business, etc. My diet absolutely sucks. I drink but not too much all the time, usually weekends. I don't do any drugs. I'm just finding all of the holistic type treatment ideas but don't know where to begin. I was going to postpone my surgery and do the Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse but saw that some end up with pancreatitis. I thought I would go ahead and have the surgery then cleanse my liver after I heal. I have been very fatigued but I don't get any exercise due to my driving schedule. So I know I need to make some changes. Where do I begin?

  7. Her 1st interview with you is one I constantly share in health groups – it's like the go-to. This interview is just as good. My challenge with circadian rhythms is like you, I try to do everything possible – cooking meals, organic, GF/SF/DF, etc. I get home from work at around 6:30 and the race to prepare the meal kicks in. Bone broth keeps me from getting hangry and slipping. Then I do a big salad. Then by the time the meal is done, it's like 7:308:00. Since I tend to get a little night-time reflux when I lie down, I end up waiting at least 4 hours to go to bed. So that's midnight. So in order to eat right, I compromised my sleep schedule. And then I have a hard time getting up when the alarm goes off. If only I could be like Tom Brady and get myself a personal chef who could great me when I come home with a meal ready to go. I could try to pre-make more meals but it's already challenging when I do that for the work-day – which also makes me a little late for work. What can you do right? Just keep swimming…

  8. Literally watching this at 2am, in bed on my phone with my room light on, wide awake. I have always considered myself a “night owl” and thought it was ok. Now I’m realizing that I was totally wrong

  9. Hi Mike, I've been studying Circadian rhythms in neonatal intensive care for my grad degree. I work in a NICU, night shift, on weekends. In my practice I promote preserving low light, decreased stimulation during the night shift and see improved feeding and growth in neonatal babies BUT it's killing my circadian rhythms especially since I've gone thru menopause. I'm up all night on weekends and struggle converting back and forth from nights to days. I went from skinny, hyper energy to belly fat and fatigue. I've been on a keto diet for 1 month and it's helping some. I also swim 2-3 times a week. What can I do to reset my circadian rhythm? I feel better when I'm up during the day but I have to be sharp mentally on the weekend night shifts to work in a critical care unit. What do you recommend.

  10. If you travel to Germany or France a lot you will actually hear people comment on the flavor of their meat dish as happy or sad. They have fine tuned their taste buds, and they rate the quality of their meal on the taste and texture (happy or sad) of the meat they consumed. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but when I do I have started following their lead, paying attention to texture and taste differences. It’s a real thing. Thanks for bringing it up!

  11. One could also argue that stressed animals are ideal. When our ancestors hunted animals, the prey would most certainly be stressed. Hunters often chased animals until the animal collapsed from heat stroke. That's a lot of stress, and we evolved under those conditions. It is possible that the secretion of stress hormones is what benefited us. I am not claiming that it is so, just that we cannot say one way or the other without significantly more data. I choose to eat grass fed and finished, happy cows from a local farm here in costa rica for ethical and health reasons (higher omega 3 primarily).

  12. hello, can you elaborate some time on dangers of SARMs, what one can do to mitigate and or recover from SARM issues?

    im a firefighter taking osterine with MK677 (i know not technically a sarm) to help recover through a partially torn ACL during fire season, any advice on how to do this properly would be greatly appreciated.

    and thanks for the extremely informative video.

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