AWESOME outdoor medical marijuana garden in California

Check out this outdoor medical marijuana garden. The tour in August 2016 shows the entire cannabis garden. Watering, checking soil, and avoiding root rot in …



  1. The cage at the end of video. The cage that rust. It's called form fencing. It's for concrete. But its really strong you just have to prime and paint flat white paint for steel . Buy the good paint and those cages will last as long as your alive . Plus no matter how big the plants get they won't bend that cage

  2. Great video. What kind of security precautions do they have? Obviously it's a high value grow. You have to be careful to not geotag the location, that's how they caught John Mcafee when he was on the run.

  3. Nice patch. If the camera is touch screen maybe like iphone and others do a touch the screen in an area you want focus and lighting to be the standard clarity and balanced light. If menu driven look for White Balance.

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