Big Pharma Could Lose $18 BILLION If Marijuana Legalized Across The US

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, executives at Big Pharma companies are beginning to panic. They’ve seen the same statistics that the …



  1. There are only two kinds of people that oppose the legalization of cannabis the ones that are ignorant on the subject and the ones that make money off of it being illegal.

  2. Im thankful to live in a state where Marijuana is legal. I just wish the Fed would remove it from being a scheduled drug so it could be paid for with insurance. I live with Fibro, arthritis, depression, as well as a few other things; all of which are helped by weed; with no bad side effects.

  3. Pardon me for reminding you of this, but marijuana is not a cure-all! Most people smoke it like they might drink a beer – in social settings or to relax! And, you forgot to cite your sources – again – to support the claims you're making. Look, I'm all for legalization of marijuana! The War on Drugs has ALWAYS been a war against civil rights, and not drugs! But, trying to say that big pharmaceutical companies are going to lose $18 billion if marijuana is made legal in all fifty states is a stretch! This is some seriously lazy "journalism" and comes off as more of a rant.

  4. Does anyone wonder why people push the notion that marijuana is unsafe, or a gateway drug? Those invested in big pharma stocks, also push this notion, and employ those to ban marijuana. Big pharma pushes their products knowing people will get addicted. They also give pills that cause ailments, and give you more pills to treat side effects of the first pill.
    Hold big pharma accountable…get big money out of politics.

  5. Maybe we could save that many lives too, since no one has ever smoked enough weed to kill themselves with. Opiods on the other hand is the new crack that kills people on a daily basis with the blessings of the pharmaceutical companies and their pusher doctors. It appears that El Chapo runs the pharmaceutical industry too.

  6. We could probably cure every disease there is, but there would be no profit to do that.
    Big Pharma would rather TREAT than cure. When you treat a disease or condition, rather than cure, you create a continuous need for your drug… aka profit.

  7. Yes! Finally someone says it. Legal drug pushers. And they get away with it because of a loophole in the system. As long as they tell you the possible side effects and dangers, they dont have to be approved by the fda. They can sell it like candy. And your drs go along with it for kickbacks. It needs to stop. Say no to the new drugs.

  8. Tell it sir, we need more natural remedies for ailments (if they work) and not beholden to swindlers slinging chemical remidies for minor conditions. The side effects from these drugs are sometimes worse than the ailments they are meant to cure or control. With marijjuana, you can get high then hungry then tired. What's the problem in that?

  9. They stand to lose a hell of a lot more than that. Speaking for myself alone I was on 28 prescriptions about 5 years ago for a horrible case of Crohn's and several other autoimmune disorders that came on after Crohn's period because of Crohn's. And not one of the Crohn's medication works is for me I cut out 21 and I'm on cutting out 22 of those prescriptions right now to leave me down with about seven prescriptions I'm taking now. All of them replaced with cannabis No Other Drug can say they can replace all those prescriptions like I did with one like cannabis. It's godsend and it's the only thing I use for Crohn's disease. As it's the only thing that has any effect on my Crohn's disease. And I've been through about five different biological medications all failed or had side effects that were very harsh.

  10. Pharma has money makers: AIDs/HIV and cancer treatments, & opioids. They make hand over fist with those (and others to lesser extent) with treatments or and selling (via doctors).
    So wait for it… they'll come out with their OWN version. It'll be addictive, poor quality and has NO benefits whatsoever. They'll make billions, get doctors to prescribe it and market the hell out of it while demonizing the ones we've been buying at the dispensaries. Another money maker for Pharma… ain't we havin' fun now?

  11. Fosamax killed my mother. They figured it would cost Merck 2-3 billion in law suits but they would make like 8 billion. when my mom asked Dr. Clarinet her oncologist, how she got esophageal cancer he liked to her and told her it was hereditary! FYI Merck never paid for her life.

  12. How about new legislation, demanding that corporate entities must come with personal accountability for shareholders, if and when the company does something unethical or outright illegal. Name and shame. Having the stock market as some kind of casino logical money machine for whatever "investors" may have made sense like a hundred years ago ,,, but it's completely corrupted beyond all possible rescue today. There must be responsibility and accountability. The world can't afford this double blind ownership arrangement system anymore.

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