1. I had no idea! This is unbelievable. No wonder our governments decided to legalize it and get in on the profits before this knowledge became mainstream. I'm gonna share this with everyone I know with treatable ailments. I'm gobsmacked!

  2. I have Autism, I'm considered higher functioning but I certainly struggle everyday with things relating to my condition. As a kid (I'm only 19 still), I was pulled out of mainstream school because I couldn't manage it, I was told I'd never be able to get a job, go onto college, or even be independent and live a regular life that I want to live, all because of my condition and they couldn't help me in anyway. I was given all kinds of pills and nothing helped. I'm from the UK so weed was never even considered for me, until I hit about age 16 and I found out about potential benefits and of course I want to improve my life quality so I tried it, and wow it's perfect for me. I've held a job for 3 years now, I passed 3 years of college while having that job, I've gone travelling to about 8 countries on my own, I ride a motorbike (they also said I likely would never be allowed to drive, what ever that means). The only thing I'd say is it seems it's more the THC that works for me, I find sativa works best and I don't get as much relief when I use pure CBD, although the calming effects still help a bit. I'd love to prove and really help research progress on this area because even now I rarely hear anyone say weed helps with autism, speaking to my doctor and explaining how far I've come with it I was told it's dangerous and I need to stop before I develop things such as schizophrenia, it's ridiculous that they see no potential benefits, and I'm a criminal for improving my life.

  3. THC rids the body of cancer. I've personally seen this multiple times. Watch Rick Simpson run from the cure. I know this video is about Autism and I do not doubt that its neuroprotectant properties will greatly help with the symptoms of Autism. The endo cannabinoid system in our body regulates many functions including the immune system.

  4. As someone with endometriosis, I can tell you that CBD+THCa (which becomes THC when heated) is excellent palliative care for certain kinds of pain. When it's at it's worse, the pain is on par with late stage maternal labor.

    2 weeks from now I'll know if chaga tea in conjunction with these cannabinoids can get me 100% of opioids. But since drinking it, I've been opioid free.

  5. Interestingly, some states are legalizing pot, but the only pot that's available at dispensaries is pot thats genetically modified by Monsanto. This new weed actually causes toxicity problems with over use. This new condition has been termed cannabinoid hyperemisis.

  6. I have been trying to despertaly trying to find Dr. Bogner. . I live in Michigan with a vaccine injured autistic child, and am on my second round of cancer myself. please help me find him. God bless. i believe cannabis is a cure! he has hyperlexia as well.thank you.

  7. Cannabis can also cause drug induced psychosis for certain individuals with epigenetic factors. It can ruin your life and send you into extreme mania or depression. Yes, just weed.
    Use with caution if you or any family members have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
    I haven’t watched this whole video yet and I’m very happy that it works for some but, nothing is a cure for all.
    Everyone must understand that one mans medicine can be another mans poison.
    The GAPS Diet has helped many people with autism!

  8. HighWire with Del Bigtree test the grow lights live !!!!!!! Autism and EMF…..
    do a video on this ..Autism protocol 2009
    How Dirty Electricity Causes Diseases

    The Environmental Protection Agency recommends that you limit your exposure to 0.5 mG to 2.5 mG.
    occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields
    Dr. Samuel Milham
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    E-mail address: sam.milham@gmail.com
    Dr. Martin Pall: EMF's are the major cause of autism
    hi will you see this man ..http://www.klinghardtacademy.com/ Autism and EMF? Plausibility of a pathophysiological link – Part I. – NCBI …..see this video ..https://support.google.com/youtube/?p=report_playback and plz comment

  9. Summer 2016, my son started behaving like having AD/HD. He was spinning himself and flapping hands. Some autistic behaviors came back. We started giving CBD oil and all that hyperactivity stopped along with everything else.
    (We revert his Autism symptoms by biomedical protocol from age 26 months to this date)
    My son is high funtional, mainstreamed rising 4th grader.

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