Can This 12watt LED Grow Light Actually Grow A Plant?

I was curious if a low wattage LED grow light could grow a plant. I gave it a 10 day test and here are my results. Prouct Link: …



  1. You can grow a plant under any light. Light energy is light energy. Its just a matter of the quality and amount of light to how healthy and quickly the plant will grow. One time my mom found a weed plant growing out of the bathroom floor mat under a standard cfl that was in the ceiling. Haha the bathroom was where i smoked before i came out as a stoner and i mustve dropped a seed onto the mat

  2. a bean will grow in your nose or ear(ie;stupid neighbor kid)chad…..test it out on somethin' hard ,like a tomato or cucumber,,,that is if your not in a legal state…..kool vid though peace out and god bless

  3. I have a Spathylum plant that don't get much light in winter times, because of shorter light and very cloudy days. Would a LED lamp be helpful to compensate the minimum of daily light..?

  4. These lights are garbage, the wattage is just too low to grow any thing more than one teeny tiny plant placed about 1 inch below the light. I have no idea why they don't come a significantly higher wattage!

  5. Shitty test. Beans will grow under a fart.
    Grow some weed. Weed responds to light and will tell us if this light will work.
    I need some small lights to illuminate my plant from the sides and bottom. This would be perfect if it works, but probably doesn't.
    It's probably not powerful enough to make a dent. LED light also travels in parallel lines. The beam doesn't spread out like regular lights do. Something to keep in mind.

    Led in my opinion is a scam.

  6. Your first mistake was using general hydroponics, who is owned by Bayer and Monsanto now. They are the enemies of cannabis and anything that is not genetically modified. A true Scourge on the Earth

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