Cannabis Advocacy in Texas – Interview with Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy

In this interview with Heather Fazio, Coalition Coordinator for Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, we discuss the current state of Cannabis laws in Texas.



  1. I smoked for depression and chronic pain. I was pulled over here in DFW with .5 grams of wax. I now have a felony. Luckily I was able to get into a First Time Offender program and the charge will be dropped after completion of the program. All in all its cost me over 10k to keep me out of jail just because I like smoking a plant while eating pizza rolls and watching Rick and Morty

  2. Just a small share from me. Legally I can take 40 mgs of vicoden and 90 mgs of morphine every 24 hours while I deliver hundreds of gallons of fuel and oil but I can't have the choice of using a plant for my pain management at night when I get off work?? Tell me that doesn't that sound wrong to you?

  3. I am a Texan and in need of medical cannabis I have chronic migraines last month alone I had 22 migraine days I have struggled with this pain my whole life at times bring me within inches of taking my own life in fact my mom has told me stories of me laying in my crib grabbing my head screaming at the top of my lungs and had no idea why until I was old enough to speak for myself and show her where I hurt I have been on narcotics and the triptans and had no relief in fact some of these meds actually have made my migraines worse than before I have not had insurance since the age of 16 and have since even stopped going to the hospital when pain becomes to much to handle because I am treated as if I am just there to search for drugs when in reality I hate the drugs so I suffer in silence at home miss more days of work at a job that I absolutely love I have no criminal record I am a married man and have been since I was 18 I used illegal cannabis for about 9 years and found that it brought me as close to being pain free as I had ever been but then I realized the risk of going to jail losing the life that I had fought to build for me and my wife could be destroyed due to being caught with a plant that has kept me out of pain for years so I started playing around with hemp cbd and have found a regimen that helps just over half as much as the marijuana that I had been taking the big problem is that the hemp cbd market carries a high price and at the massive doses that I must consume on a day to day the cost is one of the biggest consumers of my yearly income and I am only one person I only have a crippling pain condition I thank every day of the people in this state that have cancer epilepsy PTSD ect. and the hell that they deal with because people cant seem to get it thru their heads that cannabis is a life saver and a blessing in a green flower that could make the lives of so many people so much better please people pray for us in texas to what ever god you believe in that we can get this straightened out not just here but around the world vote fight for not just your rights but the rights of others who don't have a voice or are being overlooked if you read all of this thank you for your time and if you are in the same sort of pain or worse pain than myself keep your head up find something good in your life and let it hold you up don't give up hope on life I almost did and I'm glad that I didn't I'm still not well but I have come way further than I ever thought possible and I have faith that you can to I love you all

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