Curing Cannabis Properly – How to grow marijuana course for dummies – Growing Cannabis Indoors 101

Learn to grow marijuana for dummies, a 10 lesson 101 course for dummies and beginners. In lesson 10, learn how to properly cure your marijuana buds and the …



  1. I started the curing process for the one plant I had, in the process, I found seeds. 😛 I removed the male plant I had well before it flowered, so how did I get seeds from the only remaining plant I had? Does just any pollen floating around in the air, cause seeds to be produced?

  2. I don’t really understand something

    What’s the purpose of storing it in jars and taking off the lid daily? Why not just keep them hung upside down for longer? Won’t that essentially do the same thing?

  3. Home stretch! Haha I'm not quite this far.(3 weeks until harvest)But I've been following everything you've said in previous videos and they are looking and smelling so profesional!

  4. A series following one plant from seed to smoke with deliberate over/under watering and any other common noob mistake and how to correct/fix them (don't kill the plant, but let it suffer a little for teaching purposes) plus some of the noob friendly training techniques would be nice. I know you have nice graphics that do have their own advantages, but watching a seed grow with updates on how long it has been from germination would be nice for people in states where this isn't legal yet so they have something to compare progress with.

    Have the time in days from the start of germination (putting in a wet napkin while not the best option, is a very common one).

    Seriously do a video each week on it so we can compare progress with our own grows.

    Show what you do to it every day for training, and explain why you bent that branch and not another one.

    Most of the daily videos will be very short, so you could do:

    Germination to planting
    week one: Show watering once, then just a time lapse on growth as a seedling.
    Week two: Probably more time lapse, maybe here force an over or under watering and show how you know (other than you did it on purpose) that this was over or under watered.
    Week three: Do the other watering problem not done in week 2. Again time lapse the growth.
    Week four: This is roughly when to start topping and other training (yes I know it's based on the plant and not a calendar, but this is only an example). More time lapse.
    Week five: More training cause this will happen easily into flowering, so get used to it.
    Week whatever: Change light cycle to 12/12 to start the flowering…
    Week much later: Done curing.

    You get the idea. Time lapse the whole thing showing the section for that week of the plant's growth, and have one video of nothing but the time lapse strung together.
    During the training weeks, in the video say "Day 24 going to top this, bend that branch to even out the canopy, done with training today. (cut to next day) Day 25 see how that branch responded, it needs to be bent again, now this branch is a little high so we bend this too. This spot isn't getting enough light, so we trim this (or move or whatever to fix). (cut to next day) etc…. Definitely point out parts of the plant you like and parts you aren't happy with and explain why and what to do about it.

    You may even want to do a second series at the same time starting with 2 (or more) clone plants from the same mother of roughly the same size and train half of them let the other half do whatever and show the difference training makes when the plants are genetically identical. How diverse you want to get is completely up to you. I've seen a lot of hydro vs dirt and trained vs untrained, but all were from completely different plants. As far as I can tell, no one has used clones to compare the differences in growing mediums and training vs untrained.

  5. When curing, is it recommended top put things like Boveda 62% packs in with the bud in the jars to help the process or only put those in after the 3 week period? Thanks in advance!

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