Elon Musk appears to smoke marijuana on camera. What are your thoughts on that?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, appears on camera for the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and takes a puff of what purportedly is marijuana. Should we …



  1. they make it legal, because of that a person smokes it and now its a big deal? he took 1 hit and didnt even inhale properly which just goes to show that he isnt a smoker, and only tried it because its legal there and he was offered it so why not.

  2. Hell why do they even care about marijuana a lot of people smoke marijuana besides cigarettes weed is actually good for you for your brain it's actually good for your lungs weed isn't bad it's actually a good drug but I'm not just going to smoke it just to get high

  3. Let the man smoke. As a ceo he should be even more stressed out about his company. So a little of something that is legal shouldn't even be a big deal. Grow up people.

  4. USA Today- How about taking a poll on what we think about Elon Musk's inventions, views of life and his final words during the podcast which reflected his investment and care in humanity? Did you even listen to the podcast? He clearly said that he is not a pot smoker and that was the end of it. Even if he smokes all the time…who cares? What he had to say in the podcast was incredible and here you are taking polls on this stupidity. he's not a damn banker and he's entitled just like everyone else to smoke a legal joint!

  5. That little plant right there could be the reason he saves the planet. Let him alter his mind. Maybe you closed minded queer bags will stop stroking yourself to gay porn and let a man do whatever tf he likes. Especially if it is legal.

  6. If Elon Musk smoked a crack pipe while designing a new rocket propulsion system for SpaceX, or the new safety features for Tesla then yeah…I may be concerned. Elon should engineer a new device to remove the sticks out of peoples asses.

  7. Marijuana is worse that alcohol. If you try to argue differently, then you're playing ignorant. But he's a man free to do what he wants, it's only bad because he is seen as a role model and by doing drugs, he has become a bad influence.

  8. Tesla needed this moment! Weed doesn’t harm you it’s an plant that helps expand your thoughts opens your Brain. Why do you think it’s been talked down on for so long? America wouldn’t be shit without weed honestly

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