How to dry and cure your cannabis at home?

An important chore after harvesting your herb is to store it right for the future. Boxing your cannabis efficiently can help you preserve buds for a longer period of …



  1. my cannabis is green and smells grassy? it needs to dry a little more. so should i put it in a glass jar and leave it for 2 weeks ? will that make it a little better?

  2. clowns like we didnt know weed before oct 17 …FUCK U GOUVERNEMENT! This plant should only be medical…Not for fucking stoners!!!!!This is only gonna create problems!

  3. I have a couple of friends that a good harvest and smelled like some real dank. Then after drying and curing it, there was nothing like the smell they HAD. One of my friend’s crop smelled like cut grass from the lawn. The other one was good but never smelled like the stuff they would go out and buy. The stuff they buy was not as strong as it smelled somehow. I mean it was glass jar transport only kind of strong smelling. What happened? They never figured it out. Is there something special they feed that stuff before they flush?

  4. Mine ALWAYS smell like chlorophyll. I dry it exactly like in the video.. Im a newbie and have realized that Ive been harvesting too late. Would this cause buds to smell like chlorophyll? When I harvested my plants weren't drinking anymore ( no energy left)

  5. I used the cool air intake to my furnace because it's on the floor in my upstairs you're not blowing air on your weed you're basically sucking air through your weed two days dry perfect I will probably do this for a long time

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