1. This method WORKS! Me and my friend recently moved to LA from Poland. We both smoke weed on regular basis, not every day, but a few times a week. "Pre- employment drug test" was new to us, because employers don"t drug test their employees in our country…so we had to find a method to beat the drug test. We saw this video a week ago and decided to give it a shot and IT WORKS. We smoked on tuesday followed the guide and passed the drug test on Thursday. We also bought some test at the local drug store…two what we tried was " at home drug test for weed" and "first check home drug test", we tried both TWICE and passed them. One day later we passed the pre-employment drug test as well…

    One thing what i recommend to everyone is to DO NOT buy cleansing/detox drinks, non of them works! If you wanna pass a drug test for weed then try this method because it WORKS i can guarantee. Obviously if u are a serious drug addict you will need much more than this guide, but if you smoke weed few times a week then it will help you to beat the test for sure.

  2. Is this a "method" or a product?
    I would gladly pay for it if it really works!!!
    Youtube is full of scam/spam videos recently. Please prove that you are a real human who owns this channel by replying this comment.

  3. I have a question about how long could THC stay in my urine.
    I was in prison for one month for weed and iam now on probation…one of the rules is that i need to go to the doctor for urine test every month. So when i got out i went to the doctor after 7 days and i didnt smoke for two months so i tested clean.
    So what i want to know is if i smoke for 3-4 days in a row and then dont smoke until next test (27 days from then), will i be certainly clean? Like a 100%? Some advice would be highly appreciated.

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