How to Make ABV Coconut Oil –

– Ciao Vape Tempers! In this episode, Chef Luigi will be making ABV coconut oil. Click now to watch and see how it’s done.



  1. A friend of mine ( in a legal state) does 2 cups coconut oil and 28-42 g of avb
    The abv is lightly wetted prior to adding to the coconut oil and then Soy lecithin is also added to the mixture. What are your thoughts on soy lecithin? /this process?

  2. Cool, just please please please don't vape anything with any type of oil in it. limphic pneumonia is a real issue to consider when thinking of vaping oil.

  3. How is the taste? I have 4 pound of abv that I don't know what to do with. Topicals would be my first choice but if its possible to make strong edibles that don't taste awful I would be able to make cookies for ages with that much avb. Maybe use 4x as much avb than if i was using weed?

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