Legal marijuana in Serbia?

Here’s a video of me buying marijuana in Toronto, Canada from the Cannabis Culture shop on Church Street. What a great experience. It’s still illegal but the …



  1. Dont bring that shit into our country ok!? I dont wanna see our people using drugs of any kind. This is a land of organic food, clear water, and traditional people, sljivovica is the only ,,drug" that we need and let it stay that way, and if thats not good enough for you, move somwhere else.

  2. It would be good, and to be exact, it would be veoma dobro, 500 000 EUR per day or 180 000 000 EUR per year in the republics budget through taxes only,
    and also, it would be very good for general health plus there is a large tourism boost that fallows the ganja legalization.

    As for the number of ganja smokers it would probably somewhat, (not to much) increase in the first years, but it would generally decrease in the long run.

    Depending on the type of regulation on who can grow and sell…it can be very good for rural parts of Serbia too. They would become alive, healthy and rich again.

    I am so glad you found a Serbian soul to be like Your own and came here to live.
    I can wholeheartedly suggest You to learn, speak and think in Serbian language. It is the best language to think in. The words really have meaning.
    You will see what I mean by that if you learn couple of Serbian words and ask someone to tell you about their etymology.

    Поздрављам те.
    (if you translate this, it will read: I salute you, but it actually says I am giving/wishing you good health. "I am Healthing you", so "Zdravo" means Hello and being healthy at the same time.)

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