Marijuana Anti Drug Dog Commercial (ORIGINAL)

Do these PSA’s actually work at all? All my friends who truly never tried drugs, never did them because they had a family member or someone they intimately …



  1. this was the commercial that made me tell my father when I was 9 "you're my disappointment" I honestly hope he's dead, some things just cant be forgiven or healed. no love lost here

  2. A lot of people are missing the point of the commercial. The creators wanted to target an audience who was actually high at the time of viewing it to establish a stronger connection whilst delivering the message. This would explain the unusual music and art. To sober people it didn't mean much, but to someone who was high, the audio/visuals made much more of an impact in capturing attention.

  3. Sad to think that this is someone's best achievement in life…. Hope they live in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon…… ehh may be easier to say hope they don't live in the Bible Belt.

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