New nanotech to detect cancer early | Joshua Smith

What if every home had an early-warning cancer detection system? Researcher Joshua Smith is developing a nanobiotechnology “cancer alarm” that scans for …



  1. Hi everyone, my 60 years old mother got diagnosed with colon cancer Stage4 with Liver Mets, she got colon resection in September 17, Now during her 3rd chemo on 5th December on Oxaliplatin, she got heart attack. After spending 15 days in hospital, now only she has recovered a bit. My worry is that earlier she was having hypertension but now she has become hypotension with BP 90:60 and the Liver Function Test is not good specially the Alkaline Phosphate value has gone twice of normal range. My oncologist has not suggested anything for making liver functioning smooth. We have decided not to go for any painful treatment further and I try alternatives which I saw online here and I contacted the herbal doctor visa his email address……… For herbal cure which the doctor ask me to paid some amount of money for the cure which I did seriously after four days I received a package from DHL and after opening it was the cure for cancer and I followed the instructions below and after two weeks my mom was back in her healthy condition. Thank God for using Dr Felix to cure my mother.

  2. If I can isolate dna from blood such as cfdna, or maybe your exosome screening technology, I'm pretty sure I can detect early recurrence cancers through whole genome amplification and ngs/arrays already in the market. Urine sample and same day diagnosis is wayyy out there, but message me

  3. He totally skipped the fact how effective mammography is. It's not. His wifes cancer was highly likely a tumor that would never had produced any symptoms. We know from RCTs that it's far from clear whether we should use mammography or not. The same principle then applies to the new screening tech. It's not enough to find things, it must actually save lives.

  4. Oh my god. A cis gendered white male on this channel. Fucking triggered.

    I remember when TED used to be wall to wall quality talks like this. Please go back to being a quality channel with quality content like this. Instead of the retarded third wave regressive leftist bullshit propaganda you are now known for.

  5. I really want to thank Mr. Smith for the work he is doing to diagnose Cancer at the early stages. I can like Mr. Smith feel how cancer is emotionally draining, since, my mother had to suffer it twice. Thank god, that my mother is doing fine now.

    PS: It would be really great if I could talk to Mr. Smith.

  6. well since you disabled comments and ratings on that talk with ashley judd i decided to just randomly pick a video to downvote. to bad for this vid.

  7. Why do people love to find ways to inflate numbers.
    40% of people will get cancer if they live 110 years.

    Now any disease over the age of 70 is natural causes it is not cancer.

    The actual number is more like 5% of the population at any given moment in time.

  8. Im done with this channel and this platform they stand on, Im sorry but until The owners of TED stop abusing there legal power and attacking smaller critics im out. Filing a DMCA take down and then waiting the full 14 days only to never respond costing the owner of said video 14 days of its most lucrative revenue and achieving nothing but that. Thats disgusting.

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