Quantum Computers Explained – Limits of Human Technology

Where are the limits of human technology? And can we somehow avoid them? This is where quantum computers become very interesting. Check out THE …



  1. Can we connect in series all softwares… microprocessors… or qubits that function and represent creative…communicative… problem solving abilities… and perception …  To operate, function as one, single Artificial Brain… as one system ? … And after creating the first artificial brain… again,  can  we connected in series… thousands or billions of these artificial brains, prototypes … to operate as one  big Super  or Quantum Brain… Or Quantum Computers connected in series and operating as one ?

  2. 4:04 – wrong. Qubits cannot 'store' crazy amounts of information. You NEED crazy amounts of information to fully describe the state but that's not the same as 'storing' information in the state.

  3. Kurzgesagt normally helps understanding complex stuff with a brief video. However, in this case I think you need to have quite a serious understanding of quantum physics and some computer architecture too. Quantum physics are specially hard to understand since they are so counter-intuitive. In this video, while you are still trying to process and understand new concepts, new information is throw at your face, so probably no one who doesn't understands the basis of quantum physics and computers would understand anything of quantum computers watching this video. Nevertheless, the video was great, as always. Thanks for the effort you put on all of them 😀

  4. To better understand for some, it's similar to comparing arithmetic to algebra. This all comes down to expression and interpretation of data. Normal computers are more restricted in how they can solve a problem, where as Quantum computers have access to more variables allowing for a much faster means of resolving the same problem by approaching it differently.

  5. Okay it makes numbers. But how does numbers produce a picture on a screen. Like ok you can light up different colors and make a picture…. it just plain doesn't make any sense to me. Computers are magic disguised as technology. Convince me otherwise.

  6. that's incredible, I had a hard time understanding until the database analogy and then it kind of came into focus. It's essentially a computer that is able to recognize or compute data simultaneously, taking the square root of the time of a normal computer. I guess because quantum physics allows atoms to be in multiple states at once?

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