Question Period: Marijuana legalization, U.S. tariffs, Safe Third Country Agreement — June 19, 2018

Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Today the government faced questions on the marijuana …



  1. my questions are: Are the Policemen also allowed to take the Marijuana or Cannabis? If yes, who will protect now the citizens? I think this government is only looking to the profit but not to the safety of all citizens who do not like any drugs specially the youth and the small children if their parents will take that marijuana. This is only my own observation and opinion. If the sickness people need this marijuana let the doctors handle this but not everybody.

  2. 39:55 I don't know what she's talking about. We keep our beer in the fridge and our hard liquors on top of it. Why does the Liberal government care where we keep our legal products in our home?

  3. 3:10 re: "$150B debt from the last government." According to finance canada and government sources, the current debt is $1.1T. In 2015, the Liberals inherited a national debt of $612B. in 2017 it was at $631B. Seems like a huge gap (612B to 631 to 1100B) on behalf of the current government to have spent that much. The claim that $150B in new debt is not much of a comeback on the part of Morneau if that's what he's trying to use that figure as. He can't create an increase of 490B in debt (~80% increase from what he inherited) and then complain that the other guys created $150B in new debt in an attempt to try to convince us that the old government were the bad guys.

  4. Why is Cannabis still in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act while alcohol and nicotine are not? Is it safe or not? If it isn't then why is it planned to be sold to 18 year olds with no prescription? If it is safe then why is it in a federal drug control act? Are there non-prescription drugs in there? Show me where the recreational ones are. The federal govt has a right to excise tax on Cannabis and nothing else, just like alcohol and tobacco. They'll take as much control as naive Canadians allow them to.

  5. MY WORD….so NDP wants our Border crisis to get worst?????? TRUMP is enforcing the law for once and that is good news for Canadians. All these so called children will end up here in Canada and like chumps later will have their parents flown over courtesy of the Canadian taxpayer. Canadian compassion has a limit and i hope many see it before our country turns into a 3rd world one

  6. Lol ok buddy all I see is a bunch of South Park Square head Canadians I don't know how you guys get anything done with everybody yelling at the same time ok guy, geez friend

  7. no pictures of Obama's youth in cages ? our propaganda is causing false impressions, all in favor of Sheik Destroyer of Western Culture,,,do nor suspend the agreement it is a Soros House War Affair, deal to regime change= war efforts

  8. I think the US just left the UN human rights council for their hypocrisy "Globalists will fall"…what about the millions of children that go missing every year that are abducted, groomed and sold to the deep state pedophile occultists networks out of the UN? Nobody is talking about that. Mr Speaker

    A "shakedown coming folks" Tribunals for everyone! maybe you too Mr Immigration Minister. Global Warming is a FRAUD and a global cash cow you mongrels! and the sheep are starting to wake up.

  9. The point is, they are understaffed and overwhelmed with the situation they are better off with the parents because of the trauma being separated from the parent's wrecks with lifelong consequences that the children can endure for a lifetime, yes there are situations that make a parent flee from a situation, which is what these parents were doing fleeing for 2000 miles so, either they hire more staff, etc, it seems to me that they are tarrifing countries that are in the G7 rather than terrifying children needlessly which the UN already has said has asked the US to stop this so Canada can and should respond. United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein speaks during the opening of the 38th session of the UN Human Rights Council on June 18, 2018 in Geneva. (AFP PHOTO / ALAIN GROSCLAUDE)ttps://

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