1. i can’t Believe i’m really doing this… Y’all know i don’t come at y’all with this Personal shit but at this point i feel like i’m losing My self, and i have no one to vent to, this is not who i want to be. I know i’m a Role Model for a lot of people and i want you to know that you deserve so much more from me 😔 It’s time for me to give up these bad habits that is slowly ruining my life.. hopefully i’m motivating someone out there. See y’all tomorrow 🙏🏾

  2. Thanks for sharing, its great that you acknowledged it, its tough as hell, its my second/maybe third day now. I hate how people say weed isnt addictive… what the hell do you call what you and I and what many others go through – not being able to sleep, anxiety worse, no appetite etc wth? "Weed isnt addictive, its psychologically addictive" wtf bloody SEMANTICS. EVERYTHING can be addictive – FOOD CAN BE ADDICTIVE. If you cant function normally without something, it causes brain fog (BIG.), you constantly think about it etc, YOU ARE ADDICTED. DONT KID URSELF. Sorry to preach but fuck, that kind of talking is damaging.
    Also calling it a plant and saying its "all good and beneficial" aint helping no one.

  3. I can relate to literally everything you said…I'm on day 1 right now. I just stopped it cold turkey. Been smoking 3-4 joints a day with the occasional heavy sesh since August last year. I'd advise anyone to stop for at least a month if they feel they can't function properly without weed.

  4. Thank you for making these. Ive kicked xanax and cigarettes, but somehow feel like weed is more addictive to me. I feel like I can't live without it. Stuff like this really helps

  5. i feel you im 15 smoke around 4-10 blunts a day weed controls me i got too much motivation a creativity to be high all the time finna start smoking at night only and see how it go

  6. Weed is great !!!! Everything in moderation. As long as you can be productive, weed is a treat. I work 8 hours a day typically so most of the time I love to smoke later in the evening once I’m home from work or right before bed.

  7. i already suffer from mental illness prior to smoking I have been institutionalized i started toking up as an alternative to the lame pills i was being prescribed i enjoy getting high it takes away my depression my anxiety and controls my mood swings. When i dont smoke my depression kicks in on top of the anxiety stoners get when we dont smoke im moving away for school soon i want to quit and focus on school

  8. 5:06 is the realest shit. I jus told the homie. Damn if i woulda known that i woulda got hooked to marijuana like this i NEVER woulda started. Lesson learned for me. My addictive personality need to b applied towards shit that matters. 💯‼️ 1love to anyone on this journey. Im on day 3 now. No lookin bacc

  9. Very motivational. I too find that after years of smoking I enjoy life more when I am sober. Not anti pot it just has had a grip on me for nearly 10 years of no drive

  10. Thanks for posting this videos bro! I can’t tell you how much I can relate to this.. just started today ( feb 7. 19’ ) and today f**king sucked.. just like you woke up in cold sweats. Couldn’t sleep.. almost relapsed multiple time thru my day. Couldn’t function like a normal being.. I depended on it to enjoy everything in life. Don’t get me wrong it was fun .. but tell that to the bank account and love ones. They take a toll just as we do!

  11. It’s so funny to me how everything you saying happening to me 2nd day trynna quite cant sleep even on melatonin, don’t got drive for my music anymore, I feel weird not depressed but not happy like no type of feeling, especially can’t eat cause I feel like I might throw up depending on what I eat

  12. Been a smoker since the age of 17, hard core smoker. Smoking over 20 buckets a day and if I didn't have access to my bucket, I'd have the same amount even more in bongs. It has taken over 6 years of my life and this is my 3rd day in. Cant sleep, if I do I wake back up, I am drenched head to toe in sweat especially when I sleep, but even when awake and doing daily tasks, I can't think rationally and feel scattered brain, I feel angry, agitated and on edge. No appetite, lack of motivation, I keep throwing up everything I eat and coughing up black tar from the weed. Its time to quite for once and forall. I am destroying relationships and I am trying to fix them after I fix myself. MARIJUANA DOES GIVE SOME PEOPLE PHYSICAL & MENTAL SIDE EFFECTS. just because you haven't felt the effect of being addicted to the Mary Jane, doesn't mean others can't experience it at a more intense & strong way. Addiction for each individual is different, you CAN NOT say people don't experience physical withdrawals when so many people do.

  13. I came here for a little help and I'm on day 5 now so I've had the vivid dreams and also the night sweats too , like changed my shirt 3 times through the night last night alone and for anyone that don't think weed is an addictive drug try and quit and you will see it's 1 of the most addictive drugs ever and I know I've been smoking for about 20 years ,been to Amsterdam 10 times mate weed I've completed it mate . It's so hard to stop my reason for doing it is for health benefits and for my 2 sons

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