Sex Workers Pay This Woman to be Their Mentor

New restrictions associated with FOSTA/SESTA, a law designated to curb sex trafficking, has dramatically impacted the lives of America’s sex workers, limiting …



  1. Based on the title I wasn't expecting this to be about SESTA/FOSTA. Good job getting the word out there to people who probably hadn't heard about it before.

  2. In Hollywood there are schools for everything. Acting, music, modeling, husband hunting….schools for everything associated with Hollywood/West L.A. materialism and money. Most of these "schools" produce few successful graduates, while raking in lots of fees from their wanabee students. They are rackets.

  3. I still don't understand exactly how this law makes it more dangerous for sex workers. I mean, in terms of getting in trouble with the law, it definitely is, but they make it sound like the dangers go beyond that. Can someone explain this to me?

    Edit: I realize that my comment sort of sounds like I'm arguing in favor of the law. Honestly, I'm not – I really just don't understand it and would like to become more aware of what's going on in my shithole country with its half-assed laws :/

  4. It would be cool if sex working was overlooked/decriminalized. I do not see any of the control measures as anything moral. A systematic government, organization, institution, or corporation are entities trying to thrive and survive. Any control measure over peaceful sensuality/passion amongst consenting adults is not moral or ethical. If specialized processes and languages are required it is to increase complexity and an attempt to control (benefit/profit from) the outcomes. Possible ethical principles for decriminalizing peaceful “vice” crimes would support altering how the activity is viewed through information supporting accommodation/understanding/acceptance for what are basically peaceful activities. Technology and communication can get rid of some of the sick aspects of undirected/misdirected conflict, competition, and resolution phases that punish a person psychologically and emotionally for wanting to have pleasurable social experiences. I would believe that if alcohol had no minimum age limit, no drug/mind-altering substance was considered “wrong” just potentially not healthy and decriminalized, as well as decriminalize all gambling and sex work for legal adults, many bad things would go away within 20years unless too many were under rocks hiding from the sky. Full immersion and recovery, get the dumbasses (not many of them) burnt-out quick.

  5. Yes! After researching for years, I finally found the solution.


    (This way everybody will win.)

  6. 14 :08
    I would sae …..There are millions of better ways to help someone .
    Teaching them how to be good at sex worker job is not at all an best way to help those womens .
    Its like killling someone in most humane way …..

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