Shatter And Dropkick's Hidden Movie Ability!(Explained) Transformers Bumblebee(2018)

Hey guys The Fire Brothers here and today we are talking about “Shatter And Dropkick’s Hidden Ability In The Movie!”, yes this is another Explained video while …



  1. when is the video of ALL CANCELLED & CUT TRANSFORMERS FROM THE MOVIES part 3 coming, the transformers you missed were rumble he was gonna appear in the 2007 movie but was cut i wanted him to appear in both the 2007 movie and rotf movie and be killed in the comics between rotf and dotm, skywarp was gonna appear but i wanted him to be killed by brawn between rotf and dotm and in aoe be reborned to cyclonus by unicron, and in the sequel to tlk he gets killed by red alert, unicron to be like in g1 version, and in the sequel to tlk be destroyed by primus

  2. Hey fire! I got this transformers from the flea market (air raid from tf1) and(jetblade from hftd).the fishy thing with air raid is he has a (S7) thing in his plane mode.does this mean he was on earth already?

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  4. The fact that Shatter can't fly while on her robot mode like Dropkick does in the movie. Is because her thighs are somehow over weighing her from flying on her robot mode.

    Ok i'll leave now.

  5. Actualy Shatter cant becase her jet boosters were not on her legs or her back unlike the TF prime first edition Starscream's jet boosters of how its pointing down.
    Edit: My brother couldnt be here today because his teacher had made him go to detention. Wait, thats a stupid one. How about my brother couldnt be here today because Jason Voorhes is tounting on him?

  6. I mean jus pt because Dropkick can fly, doesn’t necessarily mean that Shatter can fly either. Besides the seekers can fly because the thrusters are located on their back and feet. Shatter clearly doesn’t, and the wing position ping is much more different than the Seekers.

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