The Best Vacuum Pumps for Making BHO and other Types of Cannabis Extractions

Removing butane, moisture, propane and other solvents from cannabis extracts is important. What is the best Vacuum pump for your Cascade Botanical Vacuum …



  1. I feel like I'm watching Weed QVC on this. I get it sell your products but to the people on YouTube punching this type of search in, I can almost guarantee they can't afford a vacuum oven, just like the most of us.

  2. sounds like you are trying to justify the need for an oil free pump, its not like we are purging while there is liquid butane or even a high enough concentration of butane 

    that being said these pumps are great but a oil pump works fine I have used a Fischer pump for 4 years and I changed the oil regularly it still works fine

    I do want to get a oil free pump but not because the oil is a problem just because I dont want to deal with the oil

    you are saying that THC will turn to a gas under vacuum but at what temp?

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