1. I use it for a few illnesses but mainly for glaucoma and CPOD and it is amazing but I am not totally symptom-free yet. I was wondering what you use for fertilizer? I am finding out how bad the chemicals are that are everywhere and in everything so wanted to know about that fertilizer? We are using foxfarm products from soil to all fertilizers I haven't done a lot of research on these but I am quite sure they are organic

  2. Jeff Waters Diagnosed with COPD 2/16/16. I did try the top 3 leading CBD OILS and they are "snake oil" as far as I am concerned. I had stem cell therapy, $5000 out of pocket, and got a 10% improvement. I take ZERO meds. I do take a handful of raw spinach and a few "snorts" of H202 daily to keep my OXY level in the mid 90s.

  3. Thank you for the info. I have stage 4 lung disease COPD! And I'm on oxygen and I'm just turned 45 and I'm so ill. I would love to be able to have one day of energy or feel like I used to I'm too young and your info is awesome and I agree if I smoke one I feel completely better. And they do have dispensaries here in Delaware where I currently live! Any info you can give me I would really appreciate.

  4. Jeff copd waters now scams people. My friend lost 140.00 – she ordered and got nothing and reported him to paypal
    so proceed with caution – crap shoot if you get order or not… runs site like a ponzi scheme – using money for rent and utilities
    Man don't have car or job… no one wants to work with him or be associated with him as he is cheating people. If you complain in group he deletes conversation and blocks you. He wants you to go through friends and family option on fb so harder to get refund so if you gambling on him, don't use that option.
    Sad shame… was initially good for the cause, know he out of control scamming sick desperate people that need help and can hurt the cause…
    don't trust him.. people waiting 2 and 3 months and if they do get order it is all runny and if they complain he deletes them

  5. My father has COPD stage 4, what kind of specific herb(s) do i need in order to make this medicine? There's alot of information circulatuing the internet, but i need specific detailed informaton regarding COPD treatment.

  6. Senator Patricia Miller, (R) for Indiana, refused to even look at the bill submitted for the legalization of Medical Marijuana, earlier this year. She is acting Pro Tempore in the absence of a President for the Chamber, as there is no acting Vice President, therefore she holds full authority on the acceptance of any bills for the committee to review.

    Miller has held her Senate position for almost 33 years, and this July she will be 79 years old. I think this woman is out of touch and does not represent the majority of voters in Indiana regarding this Bill, and due to her long list of contributions from Medical Organizations and Pharmaceutical Profiteers, it is time for Indiana residents who support the legalization of Medical Marijuana to begin a campaign against these archaic tactics to either force her from her Senate seat or at the very least, show her and the State of Indiana the harm she is perpetuating on those who need this alternative treatment.

    There are several red flags in her background that need to be publicly addressed.    

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