2018 Cali Legal Grow * Day 53 * First Signs of Sex for Cannabis Females

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  2. Wow that beautiful Vader I'm going to look twice a day for the vintage love that flower it my new favorite strain trump all my favorite love what u do good clean vids

  3. Wow what a beautiful system setup very nice I would say that you smoke that comes out of there is very very nice that's sure like to wrapping paper around one of them buds that you come up with just sir you have yourself a good grow day hehehe

  4. Vader, wondering if you could speak on what happens to the seeds after you have harvested from actual plant and separated? Is there a special drying process?

  5. ive been working with auto flowers , my question is , how exactly do you get your plants to produce amber trich's. Is it a matter of light sched, time in darkness, or just a matter of waiting the plant out

  6. Hi VaderOG! I am not sure you answer any question but I will ask it!!! Is males show sex before female all the time or not?(from the same batch of seeds of course!)
    I can't grow in since 2 year so I only do guerrilla outdoor cause I live in France and I have to use fem seeds to be sure to take care of a girl!!!
    Is ogseed is going to have fem seed in the future???
    Have a lifted one

  7. How many harvests do u hav annually and avg plant total per ? Started my 1st grow week after yours I was watching for vids for about a month and just did it.. I'm soo happy ..Thx for your part in it.馃尡鈾烩湆馃徏

  8. do a video on the seed sorter! that thing is amazing and it would make for a good video if you just talked about how it works!! looks like something that should be in museum it's so artistic bro, props to you!

  9. Hey what's up Vader! What is the deal with the seed distribution contraption? Lol. Is there a real point to it or did you just have too much time on your hands one day? Lol. Either way it looks cool as shit馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤馃憤

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