2018's Weirdest Film and the Psychological Toll of Modern Capitalism

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  1. I think I'm the only one who noticed the man in the pictures down stairs that they were told is "the man" is the boss he works for as a power caller. It's a white man in the pictures to further emphasize the "white voice" stigma, that's why they bleep his name it's to see if you noticed the similarities in both their styles and facial hairstyles. This and the picture he carried with him changing like a conscience according to his actions.

  2. Hey, loved the video! "Sorry to Bother You" was a fantastic film and I definitely enjoyed watching it several times. I agreed with many of your thoughts on the film and its themes, although I did have something I disagreed with. In Part 2, you mentioned how the movie function as a critique not only of capitalism but also of "human nature", citing specifically the "extremely masculine" impulses of protecting one's family and ensuring one's mark is left on the world. While this is true – Mr. [REDACTED] and Cassius's actions throughout the movie do drive home that a pursuit for wealth and comfort can be a very egotistic and self-centered pursuit – I think you could have explored how gender played a role in this. After all, Western concepts of men being breadwinners and virile champions in and out of bed aren't "human nature"; we aren't born into this life with these impulses, but are socialized to think so. There's also something to be said about Detroit and the Left Eye soda girl, and how their gender play a role in how they interact with the same systems Cassius interacts with. Anyway, your video was thoughtful and informative, keep up the good work!

  3. Often overlooked, Lift's proposal to Cassius was $100,000,000 to become a leader of the resistance, promising him an antidote after five years. But to become that leader Cassius would have had to internalize a persona in order to credibly accomplish that. This is based on the premise that "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it". Are we absolutely sure that Cassius didn't take the deal?

  4. same thing is what happens when companies claim to be progressive whilst not caring about the issues in any way and just wanting to look good to potential and already paying customers. it's a very layered movie.

  5. A rapper turned filmmaker complaining about capitalism. Fucking. Lol.

    Not to mention the hot takes of all the morons in this comment section. Please name me a single economically successful country in the last 200 years that wasn't mostly capitalism. Britain, Germany, Sweden? All Capitalist. What virtually everyone here misses is that a rising tide lifts all ships. Being poor in the capitalist USA, Germany or Japan isn't the same as being poor in countries like Venezuela.

    Seriously. You're all a bunch of 12 year olds or liberal arts majors who don't have a clue how economics works.

  6. This was a tough one. There were layers of nuance completely missed. I'm torn between a desire for attention to great black cinema and frustration that this attention is not qualified. I don't know, man.

  7. I purposely avoided this movie because I was sick of ads interrupting my soundcloud playlist and this is simply one of them.Tip for advertisers out there, nobody likes youtube or soundcloud ads, I do not care if you convince a youtuber I like to take your sponsorship, I trust their opinions, however, If I see that honey bitch or one more grammarly ad….

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