1. I'm the beginner of using vape. But I want a good kit for me. After watching ur VDO can I use the big one kit that u didn't mention in the video. I smoke the cigarettes

  2. Had weird one this morning. Put new coil in aspire pockex and primed with 70:30 juice. It was spitting and popping and tank heating up like crazy. Changed coil again and primed with usual 50:50 mango and no problem. Could the thicker 70:30 not work as well for priming the coils???
    Was vaping the 70:30 both times in the tank. Just primed the coil with the 50:50. Really heated up the tank end tho and thats never happened before…weird

  3. Recently bought a Vapesoul GRAD, their site specifies the cartridges have 5% nicotine, which is useless as a stat, 5% of what?!? Anybody know what that translates to as mg / ml. I want to transition from cigarettes but don’t want to suddenly be on a major high dosage of nicotine compared to my previous cigarettes (Camel Crush Regular).

    I find the lack of transparency about e-liquid to cigarette equivalent off-putting.

  4. Dear Vape Club,I know that vaping is more safe than smoking but the news of E.cigs exploding have made many people (including me) to become paranoid towards vapes,what should we do about it because you see vaping is a more great experience and I can't give it up.

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