Cost of Medical (NY) Cannabis ~ one month prescription w/ ratios:dosages

This video covers the cost I paid for my medical prescription of cannabis in New York States program. The cost is for one month and I cover the only three …



  1. Thank you for posting this. I too am a certified NY medical marijuana patient. The prices these greedy scumbags are charging is absolutely shameful. Compared to other states, NY medical users are getting fleeced. I returned recently from 3 weeks in Arizona. It's medical only there but they can purchase flower. As an out of state card holder, I was legally allowed to possess, but couldn't purchase from a dispensary. So it's sort of a gray market. BUT I was able to make some connections via Craigslist and scored a vape pen including a 1 gram cartridge of Skywalker oil for the price of $100. By comparison, a 500 mg vape cartridge of generic thc at my local dispensary costs $165! These producers are ripping patients off. People are much better off turning to the black market or traveling to VT or MA and smuggling it back. I tried filing a price gouging complaint with the state attorney general and they responded by saying that it was a health department matter. I tried to file a complaint with them and they responded by sending me a copy of the law saying that producers can charge whatever they want and to try to bargain with them. A lot of places give first time discounts of 10%. Like that's so generous of them. The only way I can think of protesting is for every registered patient to order a bunch of product online, then just not going to pick up the medicine. Governor Cuomo is a piece of shit for giving NY residents such a shit law and he can go fuck himself.

  2. Take a look at the CEOs of curaleaf citiva etain… the prices are set for profit. It's so fucked. Please do whatever you have to do to not give your money to the wealthy dirtbags profiting off the backs of the suffering working class.

  3. It’s so expensive, it’s sick. I’m using three different ratios of vape for pain and dizziness from a brain tumor.
    I’m close enough to NYC to be able to try different dispensaries.
    I started at Columbia Care and their products seem very mild. Their CBD is okay but the THC is not great.
    The 20:1 THC:CBD from Curaleaf seems more way more natural, it’s way cheaper and you can at least choose indica or sativa.
    Still, there are no specific strain choices, no edibles or flower!
    I worry about traveling with my pens and getting in trouble or having my medicine confiscated!
    Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. First of all thank you sir for your service. I have just started doing dabs and dab pens. I've been researching it quite a lot. In other states 89% or maybe a little less but very high THC cost $30. And that is one gram that is tested. Here on the black market I bought a dab pen cartridge for $40 which usually costs 30. It says it's a hybrid. But with the Mario Karts you don't know what's in it. I have suffered in pain my whole life. I was born with a bone growing in my spine in 1966 they removed it I was on morphine enjoying it at 5 years old. Of course that's legal. I had a clubfoot they fixed it when I was in 5th grade. I lost my little toes I lost my big toe I lost half of my foot in October 2016. That is when I had to go cold turkey off of opioids. right after losing half of my left foot. I have never felt the same since. If it wasn't for marijuana I don't think I would have made it through. I think I would have went out in the street and maybe be dead by now. The pain is real. Also I have PTSD from being attacked and have to attack them back or die. I have neuropathy because of my back surgery. Have cataracts in both eyes I can see better when I smoke but I'm getting them fixed. All my doctors know I smoke weed. I am a very strong weed advocate. I cannot believe how much you spent at a dispensary it is a crime that's worse than the drug dealers on the street. No way should it cost that much. You can order CBD 1500 mg for $100. I want to try the CBD with weed which is not legal in New York because it has so tiny of an amount of THC over the limit like .00 one or something. The weed prices for really really good weed in Rochester New York are way cheaper than that what you're paying. $200 an ounce or there's some really crazy kind a hundred 25 for 1/8 oz. So what you're saying is they have low quality and they charge that much what's the point of buying it is that what you're saying? What if you have a medical marijuana license and you don't buy the weed from them then what? New York is a greedy state. Things need to change here. People should not have to pay $200 for a license either. I was going to buy one until I saw this then what's the point? I wonder if the one in Buffalo is better? I thought it would be a good thing to get a medical marijuana license I know I can get one but I don't know if I want one and to pay $200 that is a lot of weed I can buy and less suffering. Kudos to you keep up the good fight this needs to be addressed. I wish I could have went to one of those meetings I have panic attacks but I would have went. Maybe somebody that has shaking syndrome like I do and pain should go there and show them the difference before and after you smoke. Good luck on your endeavor. the laws in California and other states are way better. Their products are better. Oregon laws are amazing. Nobody should have to get arrested for smoking an herbal plant not anymore that would be nice. The whole history of it is to do with Mexico and trees. Two stories I heard they don't like Mexicans they bring weed so they make it illegal. people growing trees for paper wanted to make money and get rid of hemp which made good paper way better paper than trees and save trees the other one I heard. Who knows what the truth is? But people need to get up and fight for their rights it's prohibition and it's going on way longer than prohibition for alcohol which nearly killed me. So many things are legal that kill you. Like cigarettes my worst habit ever.

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