1. I see you. If you dont see that "satan" helps us you are wrong. I'm not saying the only way to step forward is by learning the hard way. But everything is not blk n white. If you cant see that this force, satan, is a part of this reality then why did "God" put him here

  2. I don't smoke weed but I eat it. Cannabis saved my life. Anyone against cannabis falls under one of three catagories.

    1. They drink alcohol or are on pharmas.

    2. or Both.

    3. They have never had cancer, severe chronic pain to where you have taken so many pharmas that your stomach is so messed up, you can't take pills. Or have never had to deal with chronic health problems.

    If you are against cannabis and DO NOT fall under any of these categories, please let me know bcuz I am in the middle of writing a long paper on cannabis, to publish.

    Keep in mind there is not one single documented cannabis overdose, not one. If anyone wants the statistics on alcohol and pharmas let me know. 🌿

  3. Hi Julius! Thank you for sharing this, I have never done drugs but I have two adult kids who have been doing drugs for over 15 years. To put things in perspective, I divorced their non drug user mother before they reached 10 years old and moved 4 provinces away across canada, so it made it next to impossible to have any influence on their choices and crowds to hang with. It had some bad consequences but I am at least happy to say that they have both significantly reduced their use and become decent human beings but unfortunately they are not at all close to the Lord. They will need a miracle to happen in order to be saved and I have been praying for this for a very long time, I had to leave this on our Lord's plate and pray that his salvation plan may reach them. Either way they are old enough to be responsible for their choices and it is ultimately up to the Lord to decide and I will respect whichever way he judges them as well as anyone else. Shalom brother!!!

  4. You are so right my friend. Weed and mushrooms (natural right!?) had way worse devasting effects on my spouse than when he was addicted to hxxxxx. Ruined our marriage, our family.

    There is a reason the globalists pushed through legalization of weed all over the world almost simultaneously.

  5. Beautiful testimony Julius! I love to listen to your voice brother. Praise God for what He has done in your life and others lives through you in your ministry of deliverance. God has placed a POWERFUL anointing on your life like Aaron's (Redeemed44) So beautiful! I love you Julius!

  6. Hello my friend. I remember from Carlos Castenada's books; His teacher told him that the predator/ inorganic beings/demons/archons, feed on our awareness. The more we indulge in our feelings, the more we are trapped. The way to make them go away is to make our energy taste bad. The way to do that is through aware self-discipline, living an impeccable and tidy life, the warriors path. That sounds like what you are saying now. Thanks.

  7. I totally see where u r coming from but remember our realm is binary full of many variables like computer language!! Weed is only bad for 51% or 49%!! I guess I'm part of the later!! God created that plant which can be used for good or bad practice just like all creations! <3

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