Halloween Rage Quit – Clips/Rants/Shoutouts [October 31, 2018]

Have a happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Sorry if the editing seems a bit off in this upload. Image was taken from /pol/ Follow me on Gab: …



  1. Then god damn do the world a favor and end this red neck of a show you muslim/mexican bismerching, women abusing autist hating trump worshiping Son of the bitch!!! man you pisseme off now a days that someone should put your ass to sleep you FUCKING IMBECAL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Every time I think this sack of shit couldn't get any sadder he still manages to impress me with how far Below the bottom of the barrel he can dig himself.
    RIP Capitalist Revolution. Aborted before Birth.

  3. ghost, I understand you hate for brones. I not a brones, but I do have to taste for cartoons and animation. now do you hate people who want to create cartoons, like animating, writing and creators? who just want to entertain kids and make them laugh. I just asking you ghost, I just want to bring joy to kids, is that wrong.

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