How Marijuana Affects Your Golf Game | Golf Digest

In this influential study, three golfers of different skill levels try a series of golf shots after consuming more and more marijuana to see how cannabis affects their …



  1. Several years ago I was playing at Mtn View near Salt Lake, standing on the 16th tee 4 under. There was a long delay, partner brought out a joint, and I went double, double, triple. 😎😎😎

  2. it was cute, but like they said, it affects certain people differently, that's true, it's all about moderation when you get to the point you know when to stop, you say pass it I'm good, and you continue to do better. It's amazing and not in access; it's beneficial.

  3. How tf does 1 joint have 16mg?? Either you guys have your figures mixed up (probs missing a couple of zeros) or that is a disgustingly weak strain…

    Illustration: 1 joint can contain at most let's say 1g = 1000mg. If the thc content is at a modest 15%, each joint should contain at most 150mg of thc and maybe around 130mg. If they consumed 50mg total – not even half a standard joint – over the whole experiment (Took well over an hour to conduct); this whole vid was impractical BS. Plus that's just the amount they consumed not what was absorbed

  4. Immediately after smoking I'm definitely not relaxed.. more like buzzed and confused. Then its smoothness and clarity. Anyone else loves the latter but not the former?

  5. Slight advice, I would find golfers who normally do smoke and have them actually play on a course. A driving range is one thing because there is no sense of anxiety because if you miss it doesn't matter. But take it to a course and watch how thc would actually lower their anxiety because a lot of golfers will play better when they focus on their swing less.

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