1. This is called “greasing the groove”.

    I learnt to do muscle-ups this way by practicing everyday. My trip home went by a pull-up bar.

    I would use the low bar so I could jump using my legs, every day my arms were doing more and more of the work until my legs weren’t needed.

    I only ever did about 10-15 minutes a day including rests and I never maxed out a set.

    I call them half hearted workouts, as soon as it gets hard quit that set, but do many sets per week, many half hearted sets.

  2. This reminds me of that story I was told when I was a kid. Milo and the Bull. This dude milo, would lift a baby calf every single day, and as the calf grew, so did Milo’s strength, until he was the strongest MF in Greece and could carry a full grown bull on his back. Damn…

  3. The best feeling are those workouts that boost your day greatly and do not burn you out fore the next few days. For sure. There are moments for going 7/10, 3/10 & 10/10

  4. This is good advice, if you can afford to get to the gym everyday. I wish I had that kind of time. Also, CrossFit classes are constantly scaling and setting intensity levels at 70-80%

  5. Starting once again, hitting the gym, lifting heavy weights and having a hard time to complete my workouts , felling sore the next day, good, but sore. And kinda sluggish to head back and crush it. This time , with proper form, lighter weights , & just feeling it it's much better, taking your time enjoying it. And still pulling out a sweat, drop the weights once you have a good endorphines buzz going. Making it a lifestyle keep it going

  6. What if you cant train everyday? What if you can only train 3 times a week? What if you have to train many things every week? This doesnt work for all sports and all training plus not everyone has the same possibilities.

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