1. Plants react to stimuli same for computers. Caring about killing plants is the same as caring about killing video game characters. They are not conscious just because they have certain reactions. Animals are conscious.

  2. this is the embodiment of retardation. you're comparing a carrot to a dog, basically. So if the house is on fire, and someone rescues their potted flower, instead of their dog, you would call them insane. What you are saying is insane. Put some discipline on your thinking.

  3. I remember some archeologists where close to my school, digging, looking for cool shit. It was all done in preparation of some buildings being built there (everything has to be scoured for bronze-age stuff, etc. before anything can be built).

    They were there for years.

    They found fuck-all.
    Most grueling, thankless job I could ever imagine. Thank fuck for there being autists out there willing to go into such a field.

  4. This is cringy.

    In a long list of things non-vegans only ever say when the conversation is about exploiting animals, we have the plants argument. There is absolutely no conviction in this argument, because the vast majority of people on this planet know that it is absolutely insane to compare cutting a plant to, say, cutting a puppy. Imagine if we used this logic for human suffering: let's say there was something on the news about a terror attack and hundreds of people being blown to smithereens, and someone in the room said, "What about cabbages? It's the same thing", what would your reaction be to that? Would you, perhaps, think it was maybe a slight trivialisation of human suffering that those victims were compared to cabbages? It's exactly the same principle when it comes to pigs, chickens, cows, etc.

    Here's the thing though: if anyone reading this actually does think that 'harming' a plant is comparable to harming an animal, it only makes sense that they go vegan anyway, because it actually requires far fewer plants to feed a vegan than it does a non-vegan (up to 10 times fewer), due to the amount of crops used to raise livestock (copious amounts of crops are used to raise the 55 billion land animals and many of the 90 billion marine animals slaughtered every year). Veganism minimises land use, crop use, and lowers the amount of deforestation (1 acre of rainforest cleared every second worldwide in animal agriculture).

  5. Joe Rogan is a moron in denial because MORE plants are being fed to the animals we consume than the amount of plants we would consume if we were vegan. So if they really have all the feelings that he claims, the only way to kill LESS plants would be by going vegan. What do you think the cows are eating, dipshit? Billions of cows being fed plants and farting methane causing climate change

  6. I thought this must have been fake, but the above guy actually believes his garbage about not eating plants. Naturally, cattle eat far more plants, but this turkey has a go at VEGANS?? I hope he keeps eating meat. Nature will get rid of him soon enough. Gosh he's stupid. How can anyone watch this?

  7. But even if this is true, Joe doesn't seem to realise eating meat would still cause more suffering and death as we need to grow plants for our livestock to eat and we would be killing animals on top of feeding them these plants. Again if this was true that plants could feel pain then the best thing to do to cause less suffering is to eat plants anyway and stop breeding and eating animals.

  8. I love when meat eaters become plant right activists. If you care about the plant's pain, stop eating meat, because most of the crops are fed to livestock. I can see Rogan sitting naked in his own shit while jerking off "yeaahh, plants feeel pain, take that veeeegggggaaaaannnnnnzzzzz"…fucking moron. His whole view on veganism is based on what he seen online from extremists vegans and memes.

  9. Joe feels so insecure about eating meat and needlessly killing wild animals that he's apparently a plant cognition scientist now LOL. The heights carnists will go to justify their unethical behaviour…

  10. So Joe… let’s just agree with you for a sec and say that plants are sentient. You get bent by vegans for some reason so let’s go there. So by eating animals you need to create them to eat 10 times more plants. This means that you are fucking with these even higher amounts of plants by being a meat eater than a vegan… thus veganism being more compassionate by effecting less plants. I bet you Joe that argument will screw your head even more right?

  11. I’ve looked at this study since watching this and at no stage do they conclude that plant are sentient. I’m certain you don’t do your research before you make these stows.

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