1. Congratulations for over 14000 !! 👍😎 I know it's to early to talk about defoliation 😆 but maybe you can make some vids about it this year. I have so many questions .. some says you have to do it, some says you never should do that, some lollipop the plant some just take the fan leafs away. I'm little bit confused …when you have to defoliat, how much, how much time the plant need to recover and etc.

  2. well done Kali, liked the video!
    what kind of soil are you rocking? and also what kind of fertilizer are you feeding your plants until you transplant outside?

  3. Hell yeah bro,I love these types of videos because you dont hold back any info,over the years I've learned so much over trial and error and it sucks,videos like this help me learn so much better versus screwing up and trying something different the following year.

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