President Trump makes surprise appearance on 'Fox & Friends'

The president, in a surprise appearance on ‘Fox & Friends’ on the White House lawn, reacts to the IG report’s accusations against former FBI Director Comey, …



  1. This pathetic mother%$%$#$ didn't even know Alice Marie Johnson's NAME!!!!!!!! WAKE UP, PEOPLE; he doesn't CARE about you. But Kardashian's name practically floated off his lips…. OMG – I can't believe there's anything left of this piece of garbage to shock me, and yet, he does so again and again and again…. Hey – how's that "denuclearization program" that North Korea "promised" you going, POTUS????? But but but but… it's in the AGREEMENT!!!???!???! And when DT signs an AGREEMENT, all parties STICK to that agreement, RIGHT, "Mr." president????

  2. While North Korea had declared itself a nuclear power in 2005, it hadn’t yet tested a nuclear bomb. Thirteen years later it has tested six.
    A 2005 denuclearization pledge was accompanied by written assurances from the Bush administration, long before this present statement, to not attack North Korea and to offer it energy and economic assistance.

  3. No more Turdeau, please can we have a real person (not a Politician) run our country too?

    Any upstanding Canadian businessmen who love God up for the job?! =)

  4. BTW! ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT IS FULL OF CRIMINALS ! WHY DOESNT CNN SHOW THE TRUTH !?? EVEN GOOD IMMIGRANTS WILL TELL US AND HAVE TRUTH !? WHY NOT LEFTIST MSM !? TRUST NOONE !!! so much more demonic crap is going on than the simple dem mind can handle yet they deny ! Trump is in fact doing more for us all than all past presidents combined, and more to come !! Like unsealed indictments ! Can't wait for us all to see that TRUTH ! Americans, all of us deserve that AGREED !???

  5. oh what a surprise Trump the bloated huckster makes an appearance for a news agency that is most sympathetic to him and that he actually follows with most intense concentration more than he does actually reading intelligence reports of people that are actually specialists in the field that Fox News pretends to specialize in

    as a side note… Does Donald Trump think that little scowl on his swollen bloated face actually makes him look intimidating…? He's the the least intimidating present I have ever seen. I mean who would be scared of a 300-pound hunched over wheezing old man…?

  6. It seems Trump only wants certain media companies recording him as to somewhat control what people say about him, as you see other media pushed away at Trump's request in the background.

    THIS is what 'rigged' means.

  7. Very strange for a President to just stop in this manner. I would say it was probably scripted, especially since the interviewer is likely to be so sympathetic, but still a decent show of openness.

  8. Me me me , fake news fake news fake news , me me me me me , fake …………. Me me me , fake news fake news fake news , me me me me me , fake …………. Me me me , fake news fake news fake news , me me me me me , fake …………. Me me me , fake news fake news fake news , me me me me me , fake …………. Me me me , fake news fake news fake news , me me me me me , fake …………. Me me me , fake news fake news fake news , me me me me me , fake …………. Me me me , fake news fake

  9. What about the HUGE embarrassments at Helsinki Finland where Kelly was seen covering his face while the dummy trump was talking AND the 2 hour meeting with Putin , what could trump have discussed for 2 hours , the only sentence he can put together is " FAKE NEWS " , the only logical topic would have been the amount of bribe money that will deposited in trumps secret accounts around the world by putin !

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