Should A Weak Plant Be Cut Down + Grow Journal Update

Today, the 4-week-into-flowering update to the current Grow Journal and a discussion of what to do with sickly or weak plants that are not holding up well …



  1. Something you haven't fully covered yet…Hey lex I went through all your videos and there's something I want to know which you haven't covered (yet) can you explain window sill grows fully and if it's possible to grow with only 4hours of sunlight (is it worth it) and if it's possible to get a healthiesh grow with only morning sunlight shining through a window want to know haven't tried it but interested if there's potential maybe. Thanks lex

  2. Hey Lexi baby. Tried connecting to your live stream.. nada.. um, would it not be better to remove a sickly plant to make room for the other, healthier plants to further expand/grow, taking in this now free'd up space??

  3. Great grow brother. Too much light is a problem you don't hear cultivaters have very often. Lmao. In my experience, every grow has an Honor Role student and every grow has it's little lady that needs a little extra love. She will do her very best she can for you brother. Can't wait to see how she harvests. Green Gardens ✌

  4. Nice plants I wish mine look that good l love the live stream that’s was wild man✌️Hell maybe next year I’ll be at a 420 event instead of watching I do live in the San Fransisco Bay Area 💚✌️👊

  5. All the plants look like the are showing signs of toxicity, back from the low humidity and excessive watering with nutrients it locked them all out. And another tip is reading a led with a lux meter dosnt exactly work ,You need a par meter to read that spectrum. What kind of nutrients are you using?

  6. I really do not understand why you are measuring the light with a lux meter. You can't measure Lux values for blue/red mono colored LEDs. It just does not work. Lux is a value for white light. You would be better off not saying anything about the light intensity or get a par meter.

  7. Hi Lex. Is the new light your going to test a growstar by any chance? I have 3 and they are amazing. I dont ever see anyone with one or test one. Its 1000 watt growstar and it's on Amazon for 235. I just like it, I dont work or promote for growstar. Love to see you or anyone test them

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