1. I've never smoked weed, but I felt pushed to see this video. yesterday I went through something traumatic and I felt the devil pushing and trying to plant thoughts of drinking a little bit of alcohol to help me get to sleep last night; I prayed to have those thoughts removed. The verses that you said really touched my heart and I prayed for God to give me wisdom through this tough time and I felt less lonely and more at peace. so thank you for your lovely heart, I really enjoy this channel! xo

  2. I honestly have put my stress on myself becoming a Christian is hard and I feel no joy in following any of these rules and ever since I stopped smoking things have gotten worse with my health and praying hasn’t been working just all of sudden got stomach and skin issues since and meditating on the word hast changed anything and I know Jesus is the savior but submitting everything to him has made things more difficult and stressful

  3. i say this in a positive spirit so hopefully no one takes this the wrong way. Living is about being profitable, bearing fruit, praising the Lord, Saving/Healing others, & rebuking those who do evil maliciously. In a word or two of course. Shoes might be a sin for one person not because shoes are bad, but they keep spending money, and not buying things more important as an example vs. a friend who buys maybe 3/4 pairs of great shoes & leaves it at that. Many things in the bible are of that spirit. Wine was made to enjoy & get buzzed. Not to get drunk on. If something makes you sin or constantly think sinful thoughts then 1) you need to examine yourself & your thought processes & strengthening them or 2) you need to examine if YOU can smoke weed at this current moment & if it's profitable. If you can function doing things to progress your life while doing it (as mundane as cleaning your room or taking notes on the word), you're absolutely golden. Some people can take it, some can't. Also there are multiple kinds of weed. Sativah is a daytime weed if you will; no sleepy/nighttime vibes. Pray & think on it yourself, ask yourself are you being productive & are you glorifying God doing it?

    And here's the funny part, I'm smoking typing this & watching videos on sermons/knowledge relating to the Most High & that's good…but I realize i need to do other things today & i'm actually kind of motivated to do so because I feel wonderful & at peace in my head. Haven't had any dissenting voices. Only the calmness of the holy spirit & my cosmic calls when i need to be reminded of something. Also remember, just because you're one, doesn't mean you can't be the other. You can change if you're usually bad with it & you can get lazy if you smoke the wrong weed. Praise the Lord at the end of the day & extend compassion to others & battle against those who love maliciously doing people wrong. It's simple at the end of the day…in a sense lol. At any rate have a good day.

    ps subbed btw, great content, i plan on doing some soon myself

  4. Absolutely love your videos! I love how freely you're able to speak without caring about negative feedback. I'm glad you've been able to understand God's will on you. Remember that there will be people that the enemy will use to try to embarras you about your changed life-style. God bless you girl, Keep your head up high!

  5. Hey I found your channel recently and others like it it's refreshing from the doomsayers on YouTube who have nothing positive to say Thank you! I am Andrew and this year I have finally been letting God help me clean up my life since 2004 when I joined the Marines when I started drinking never drugs because of all the urine tests. We're is something I tried more recently and I was starting to explore Buddhism Hinduism starting to read the bhagavad gita and related texts but thankfully God convicting me while I was doing it. I just wanted to share some of my self since you did and how inspiring I found your channel Thank you

  6. Well yeah it's a struggle. I understand we have to put god first and thats why it's a problem..it's just I wish at the same time it wasn't such a hard or horrible thing to enjoy something earthly and still put god first. I know that doesn't work though, I know it's not easy & it's a sad reality. I should at least be allowed to say that. Back and forth struggle..ultimately I have to do the right thing. Pray for me 🙂

  7. I’m so glad that the lord lead me to you. In my situation it’s not weed but antibiotics and what you said about the enemy telling us that we these things when we have god truly opened my eyes. I’ve stopped taking them and any time my pain becomes unbearable I just call Jesus name. Thank you for this message from God. I’ve always told my friends don’t let it consume you but you can do it and I now realized that was the enemy words not the lords. Again thank you for this message and doing the lords work.

  8. You just discribed a huge part of my story and what I've been battling with for years!! Thank you for sharing your story! Very similar to mine. What I thought I was using it for (pain, anxiety, etc) it what it started causing! No need or want for it now! I also experienced the 'whispering' God bless you 💙

  9. Weed helps with my anxiety and PTSD, I am a Christian as well! Christianity alone can’t fix your depression, actually Conservative and Fundamentalist Christian ideology bullied me and gave me more PTSD…. I later came back to faith on my own yet I am still a free thinker, support modern science etc I finally found my balance

  10. Good for you Jessica ! I actually quit drinking and smoking cigars when my kids were born and now they are in college Time flies but we only have our health. You are an inspiration 🌹

  11. glad you broke free sister. keep shedding them worldly calories, with the zeal you have, there will come a time, if not already, that you will be called to let go of things you never thought were a big deal at all. more and more…and more…we gotta die to ourselves daily. its really not that comfortable of a process. i used to grow it, heres a testimony of me finally ending it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6F_9ZqCVG5M

  12. Woah, I had the same experience of starting to not enjoy my high. I'd smoke, then when high I'd feel so awkward & uncomfortable without bad trips…questioning why am I high. At some point I through all my stash in a street drain.

    I have been on & off since, but mostly off & I'm still trying to get rid of the temptation.

  13. Sooo glad I watched this!!! Someone else commented this as well but the last few times I've had panic attacks while smoking and I would just pray and pray and want it to be over. I'm thankful for it and so glad I came across your channel. You're truly wise and such a beautiful soul ❤❤

  14. Love that you are honest and BEST of all you testify of the glory of God.
    Also, I have to say I am bumping into some real Christians Youtubers. The church really needs encouragement in this time. Thanks for sharing. God Bless

  15. I am so impressed with your clarity. Truth is I am currently struggling with this and I have prayed on the matter. I made some of the same excuses, especially how weed was there for me through some pretty tough times. I did not expect to hear it through you but I am so glad I clicked on your video. Thank you for following God's will for your life.

  16. Thank you for making this video. The Holy Spirit has laid this issue on my heart in the past weeks. I have been a Christian since the age of 4, but I have smoked since age 15 and always found a way to justify it. But I’m throwing everything away right now. I had just gotten stoned before this video and a feeling of nausea came over me, and I put my bowl and grinder in the trash. Thank you for sharing your story, Jessica! I can definitely relate! Keep making these videos, people need to hear!!

  17. I became Christian a year an a half and I feel lost I feel weird in this world Jesus saved me because I had really bad anxiety panic attacks and depression I still feel anxiety at times now I just feel like I’m going crazy cause I have never experience life since I got pregnant at a very young age and the funny thing is that I was thinking to smoke weed for my anxiety but I keep telling myself no because I have faith in the lord that he will beg be out of this again! But I feel like everything I do is a sin like idk how to live life sometimes I pray everyday and I write on my journal everyday! And head inspiration videos to help me get going in the morning helps so much

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