Site Visit: Supreme Pharmaceuticals (CVE:FIRE) 7 Acres Cannabis Facility in Kincardine, Ontario

Midas Letter visits Supreme Pharmaceuticals (CVE:FIRE) CEO John Fowler at the company’s 7Acres Facility in Kincardine, Ontario, as the company was getting …



  1. Marijuana, Cannabis, Weed,(OG kush, Sour diesel, Girlscout cookies and few strains available) get me on ig @steve_smoke, snap @skane109, Fb Steve Kane, #6126010589

  2. 7 Acres has the good stuff!! I lived and worked within 5 km of the factory and went on many tours while there. The guy behind cultivating only the best strains, Matte Roggey, is a genius. And the whole team is really nice! I hope they do really well on the market and help lots of people with a product that truly honours the profound power of PLANT medicine. Listen to your heart, to your body, to your soul, and you will find healing. Those forces communicate with the plant world, with Mother Earth, to exactly exactly what we need for healing. Check out the Anastasia/Ringing Cedar novels–she goes into great detail on this.

  3. As long as the Cannabis industry wins I win . May the sector win! They all seem to move together just like in crypto. One goes green the other one is follow for the most part. And when the big boys go red the others go red. But I see this one as a winner wholesale with quality I may have to buy me some seven acres! Looks like an approved winner!

  4. with the price drop the quality will drop too so the truly good products will keep their customers its like pepsi and coke we have made our choices and the cheaper stuff is basically for really poor people

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